Selling Beats Online: How to Be Consistent and Have a Plan


Too many producers out there are on one side of the coin: either they release music frequently or they rarely release anything.

Within those groups of producers, some release music randomly and some are very strategic with what they choose to release and when. Which one of these types of producers do you think is doing things the right way?

Trick question – consistency is what matters here.

Consistent Music Release Schedules Are Best

Producers (and artists in general) that are consistent with their releases fare better than those who are more random or inconsistent with their releases.

This isn’t just coming from me – several other outlets online have noted how consistency is key to maintaining and even building a fanbase and a reputation as an artist.

Now, there is still a fine line between releasing a lot of music very frequently and releasing a little bit of music every so often.

If you release a lot of music and the quality suffers because of it, or the music shows little growth as an artist, you are probably not helping your reputation and you are probably not satisfying listeners. At the same time, releasing music frequently keeps fans satisfied with continuous new music.

Now, if you release a little bit of music here and there, but it’s great and it shows your artistic growth, you may help your reputation a fair amount. Still, your fans may be anxious for new music from you and if they don’t happen to care for the little bit of music you do put out, you risk losing fans because you took too long to deliver.

With everything, there are pros and cons to both strategies. But, in general, it’s safe to say that consistency will get your further than being inconsistent. This will help you to not be forgotten by fans and will also establish an expectation of when they can expect to hear new music from you.

Consistency Breeds Relevancy

Another big benefit of being consistent when releasing beats or music in general is that you help yourself as an artist to stay relevant in the public’s eye.

Maintaining a regular release schedule allows you to be seen and heard by both expectant fans and potential new listeners. It also helps to separate you from the millions of other tracks being posted online everyday.

Ellery Bonham from Digital Music News said it best: “Once you get the ball rolling, you cannot stop.”

Consistently releasing new tracks keeps you interacting with fans and potential new listeners, while also ensuring that you don’t fade away into oblivion.

An article on Feature.FM writes, “You will need to release new songs on a fairly consistent basis in order to maintain interest and engagement from your audience.”

Stay relevant by being consistent.

How Often Should You Release Beats Online with BeatStars

Again, this is more of a question of consistency than anything else. That being said, producers MJ Nichols and Mantra offered me some insight into their release strategy when selling beats on BeatStars to see what works for them.

“I am currently releasing three beats a week on BeatStars – Monday, Wednesday & Friday,” said Nichols. Mantra shared a similar schedule.

If you hear “two to three beats a week” and think that you can’t do that for whatever reason, this just means you have to strategize even more.

Maybe right now is not the best time for you to release your beats. Try making beats and stockpiling them until you have enough to sustain releasing new beats regularly.

Why Releasing New Music Regularly Is A Good Thing To Do

When asked why they think releasing beats regularly might help them as artists, MJ Nicols and Mantra shared some interesting insights:

MJ Nichols Profile Picture“If you release beats on a random cycle, you might lose interest in some of your audience. If they check your site after a week and don’t see any new beats, they might not check it again for some time. Having a schedule gives your audience a reason to check out your page as often as you release beats.” – MJ Nichols

Mantra Profile Picture

“Momentum is everything, releasing beats regularly is crucial for my growth and forces me to be creative.” – Mantra


So the key takeaway here is that releasing beats regularly will keep your audience engaged which will aid in your momentum as an artist, as well as your creative output. If you have to keep releasing new music every week, you’re likely going to have to create new music every week, which will help you to grow as a producer.

Furthermore, both producers attested to steady or increased sales when consistently releasing beats. Releasing beats inconsistently may lead to decreased sales when people stop checking your page for new beats.

The Most Important Thing to Remember Is…

Make great music.

You’ll notice that I always come back to that. You can have the greatest, most comprehensive release strategy in the world; you can have great marketing, great branding, great keywords, and you can be releasing music consistently, but if you’re music is not up to par with professional standards of quality, you may be wasting your time.

At the end of the day, “making great music is always the goal,” Mantra says, “whatever happens after that happens.”