Registering a Song: A Step-by-Step Guide to Protect Your Musical Creations

Joey Affatato
Joey Affatato . Aug 16, 2023 . min. read
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You've poured your heart and soul into creating a musical masterpiece, and now it's time to protect your work and ensure you receive the recognition and reward you deserve. But how do you go about registering a song? Don’t worry; we have crafted a comprehensive step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process and safeguard your music!

Understanding Song Registration

Song registration is the process of formally documenting your musical work and its copyright, ensuring you have legal proof of ownership and can enforce your rights as the creator. Registering your song involves two main components: copyright registration and registering with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO).

Step 1: Register with a Performing Rights Organization (PRO)

To receive performance royalties, songs need to be registered with your PRO.

Here's how:

  • Choose a PRO: Research and select a PRO relevant to your region (e.g. ASCAP or BMI in the United States, PRS for Music in the United Kingdom, GEMA in Germany, or SACEM in France). You can also sign up with BeatStars’ partner PRO in Ireland, the Irish Music Rights Organisation (IMRO). Learn more about how to join here.
  • Become a Member: Sign up for a membership with your chosen PRO, providing the necessary personal and professional information.

Step 2: Join BeatStars Publishing!

Once you receive your IPI number from your PRO, you are now ready to sign up for BeatStars Publishing!

If you wish to collect mechanical royalties for the reproduction of your song (e.g., through streaming, downloads, or physical sales), look no further than registering with BeatStars Publishing. In partnership with Sony Music Publishing, the world’s #1 music publisher, you’ll maintain 100% ownership of your music, keep an average of 80% of the royalties we collect on your behalf, receive direct payments from your music, and a lot more.

  • Register Your Songs: Once you’re a BeatStars Publishing member,  you only need to register your song once. We will handle delivering your musical works for you, which includes sending to your PRO. Learn more here.
  • Monitor Your Royalties: After registering a song, your PRO will collect and distribute performance royalties on your behalf, and you will keep track of your mechanical royalty earnings via Sony Score.

By taking these steps, you can establish a strong foundation for your music career and enjoy the fruits of your artistic labor. So don't delay, start the registration process today and protect your musical masterpieces for years to come!

Sign Up with BeatStars Publishing

Free with your Starter or Professional membership.
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Sign Up with BeatStars Publishing

Free with your Starter or Professional membership.
Start Collecting Royalties
Written by Joey Affatato
Growth Marketing Associate @ BeatStars, music enthusiast, and songwriter living in Hamilton, NJ
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