How To Use Blogging To Market Your Music And Connect With Customers

Allison Belcher
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Learn how you can use blogging to effectively tell your story and market your music to a wider audience.

Let’s kick this off by setting the record straight - you don’t need to be a professional journalist or prodigious writer to launch a blog. With the tools of the internet and a variety of writing styles to channel, you don’t need to set aside hours to write a feature-length editorial.

Blogging is an inexpensive and effective way to tell your story and build your brand. Similar to social media and email marketing, blogging is a vital communication channel that you can use to effectively promote your new music and build trust with your audience. Learn how to start crafting engaging blogs for your BeatStars Pro Page with our can-do tips and tricks.

Why You Should Start a Blog 

Need more convincing? We get that. Your time is precious. Here’s why we believe blogging is one of the best marketing tools out there.

Cultivate an online community 

When you start a blog around a given topic or niche, you’ll inevitably attract other people who share interest in that topic. Sharing your music expertise offers value to other musicians or buyers, and in turn can create frequent site visitors who come back to your blog for more. 

Create content for your social channels and emails 

If you’re running out of things to share with your followers or email contacts, send them to your blog articles! This is a great way to entice visitors to your site, and allows you to expand on your story outside of a social caption character limit. 

Boost your SEO 

Blogging is a great long term solution to help boost your webpage’s ranking on search engines. When you start regularly posting blog content, your site traffic will increase over time and other companies will begin linking your blog articles as a go-to music resource. Google will eventually recognize your site as a legitimate source for music information, which will help your blog rank higher in search results. 

Tips on Blogging (When You Aren’t a Writer) 

Longer Isn’t Always Better

This isn’t as serious as school, guys. When you’re blogging, don’t feel pressured to meet a certain character limit. If you force yourself to write longer blogs, this can often lead to rambling and an abundant amount of unnecessary filler words. Keep your blogs concise and to the point. 

Channel Your Creativity 

If you aren’t the best writer, don’t sweat it. Creating bulleted lists, a step-by-step guide, questions and answers, or even posting a photo blog are great ways to stress less about writing and focus more on the points you’re trying to convey. 

Give Microblogging a Try

Micro blogging is defined as very short, quick, and frequent blog posts, often created from some nontraditional publishing tool such as mobile phones. Many micro blogs contain very little writing, and instead have a lot of photos, videos, and links. Tumblr is a great micro blogging channel that allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. If you aren’t a writer but create great video or photo content, try displaying these creations through micro blogging. 

Dissect Your Music 

No one knows your music better than you do, which is why breaking down your tracks or mixtapes provides great original content. Tell the story of what went into your track(s), which equipment you used, and where you drew inspiration from. Giving written music breakdowns not only introduces your audience to all the hard work that went into your creations, but also acts as great email and social media content to accompany your music promotion.

Blog Topic Ideas

Kick off your blog with some of these topic ideas. 

  • Track/Album Breakdowns 
  • Collaborator Interviews 
  • Reviews on Specific Production Equipment 
  • Artist Album Reviews 
  • Tips on Developing Your Creative Process 
  • Music Marketing Tips and Tricks 
  • How to Level Up Your Music Production Skills
  • 5 Mixing and Mastering Tips 
  • Sampling and Sound Design Tips 
  • Business Tips: Budgeting and Goal Setting 
  • How to Find Your Signature Sound 
  • The Story of How You Became a Musician 
  • All About Your City’s Music Scene 

Blogging on BeatStars 

Did you know that you can blog straight from your BeatStars Pro Page? Utilizing BeatStars’ blogging feature is a great way to flesh out the content on your Pro Page, and give your visitors a more complete experience. Learn more about how you can get started in our official tutorial video. 

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Beef up your Pro Page's content and kickstart your blogging efforts today! Learn how through our official tutorial video.


Beef up your Pro Page's content and kickstart your blogging efforts today! Learn how through our official tutorial video.
Written by Allison Belcher
Communications Specialist @ BeatStars
Allison Belcher is a Communications Specialist and music enthusiast living in rainy Portland, Oregon.
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