Helpful Ways to Prepare Your Beat Store for the Holidays

Allison Belcher
Marketing and Business Tips . Dec 09, 2020Aug 22, 2022 . min. read

The holidays are right around the corner (insane, we know). Is your BeatStars Marketplace prepped for the incoming surge of gift purchases?

1. Establish a Game Plan

It’s important that you choose your selling approach wisely! Determine what your customers typically respond to and what deals would they really appreciate based on past patterns. Everyone’s customer base is different, so make sure to do your research before deciding.

When researching, try to brainstorm different kinds of deals you can offer your customers. Discounts, bundles, giveaways, limited edition tracks, raffles, sound kits, discounted licenses or exclusive holiday merchandise are a few areas of opportunity that you can expand upon.

Pro Tip - If you’re open to offering multiple deals for the holidays but you’re not sure which your customers will actually want, ask them! An Instagram story poll can go a long way and it gives them a little teaser for the deals to come.

2. Prepare Your Social Channels

Listen up: this one’s super important. Make sure all your social media assets and graphics are prepared when  you’re ready to start announcing your holiday sales, bundles and giveaways. You want to make sure your customers know exactly what is being offered so that they don’t miss out on amazing deals and you don't miss out on sales!

Posting several times to the lead up of your holiday discount drop can help get buyer brains churning (countdown timers are great for spiking anticipation!). This goes without saying, but incase you need a reminder - remember to post daily with appropriate hashtags. Offering discounts in your marketplace but forgetting to properly market your offerings can lead to sell sales.

Pro Tip - Try creating one graphic/theme for every deal you will be announcing, then simply adjust the dimensions for the various platforms you use. This should include what is being offered, how long it lasts, and where to find it! Wondering where and how you can create graphics for your social channels? Look no further.

3. Email Marketing

Do not underestimate the power of email marketing! You can use your data to target specific groups within your customer base and give them special offers. For example, you will probably have more luck selling a sound kit to someone who has previously purchased one. Therefore, you can make one email catered to that group of people.

Pro Tip - If you’re unsure how email marketing works or how you can use BeatStars to set up email lists then give the following videos a watch this video on how to make pop-up forms, or this video on how to offer free downloads

4. Run an Ad Campaign

Quickly raise awareness about your upcoming sales through BeatStars Promote. BeatStars Promote is an impression based advertising tool, making it easier than ever to expose your profile and tracks to your ideal audience.

You can also use your data to run specific, targeted ad campaigns through social platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Pro Tip - Have no idea where to begin? Get started in five easy steps here.

5. Be Prepared to Network

With a surge in sales comes a surge of new customers you have yet to establish relationships with. These can be your future collaborators, repeat buyers, up-and-coming artists, or potential managers. Reaching out and connecting with everyone can go a long way in your music career! A simple ‘Thank You’ or background information on what your mission is as an artist can help get conversations churning. Try your best to personalize your messages - it shows you care about that particular individual and aren’t simply copy-and-pasting your outreach messages.

When networking and reaching out to potential associates, make sure to always show off your value as an artist and most importantly be yourself! No one wants a leech - make sure to include a discount, an interesting article, or an opportunity when reaching out to people.

Pro Tip - Most importantly do not spam. The digital age can be tricky, but remember that we’re all human. When drafting a message imagine how you would approach the individual in person.

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Happy Selling

To learn more ways you can optimize your Marketplace (and yourself) for the holidays, explore our educational content on BeatStars’ YouTube channel.
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Happy Selling

To learn more ways you can optimize your Marketplace (and yourself) for the holidays, explore our educational content on BeatStars’ YouTube channel.
Learn More
Written by Allison Belcher
Communications Specialist @ BeatStars
Allison Belcher is a Communications Specialist and music enthusiast living in rainy Portland, Oregon.
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