Why BeatStars Is The Best Place To Sell Sound Kits

BeatStars Staff
BeatStars Staff . Nov 11, 2021 . min. read
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If you have a BeatStars Marketplace, selling beats is likely your primary revenue source.

What Are Sound Kits and Who is Selling Them?

A sound kit is simply a collection of audio samples consisting of loops or one-shots. These collections are specially designed for beat-makers to use in their productions. Using a high-quality sound kit can instantly increase the quality of your beats. Because of this, sound kits have become a popular product for new producers and veteran beat-makers alike.

If you have a favorite producer, chances are they offer a sound kit featuring some of their favorite samples. Platinum producer CashMoneyAp offers multiple sound kits on his BeatStars marketplace. His drum kits and loop packs are some of the most popular sound kits among beat-makers.

Using his extensive knowledge of music production, CashMoneyAp created sound kits that give producers access to some of the industry’s hottest sounds. By selling sound kits in addition to his beats, CashMoneyAp effectively doubled his customer base. His marketplace offers products to artists and other beat-makers, meaning any BeatStars user that visits his store can be a potential customer.

Selling sound kits has been profitable for many producers. Some producers have even turned it into their primary revenue source as it has eclipsed their beat sales. The market for high-quality sound kits is only growing as more producers join the platform every day.

Drum Kits or Loop Kits?

If you’re thinking about offering a sound kit on your BeatStars Marketplace, you need to decide what sounds your kit will consist of. The most popular sound kit options among producers are drum kits and loop kits. Both of these kits are desirable, but which is the better option?

Drum Kits

If drums and percussion are your expertise, offering a drum kit to your listeners could be the best option for you. Drum kits are simply sound kits that primarily consist of drum samples. Your drum kit should contain your favorite drum samples that make your own beats stand out. Make sure to include all the drum samples that you use in your creative process. Don’t leave anything out as the more samples you include, the more valuable your drum kit will be. Remember to include the drum samples that you actually utilize in your beats so your customers know what to expect when purchasing your kit.

Drum kits can be very profitable. However, many drum kits offer similar sounds so it can be difficult to compete. Try to keep the price of your drum kit reasonable. If your drum kit consists of only 25 sounds, asking $50 for your kit is not a fair price. The price of the drum kit should always correlate with how many sounds are being offered. If your kit only contains 25 sounds, $10 is a much more reasonable asking price.

Loop Kits

Are melodies your strength as a producer? Then a loop kit might be the best sound kit to offer your listeners. A loop kit is a sound kit that primarily features melodies or samples created by one or multiple producers. After a customer purchases your loop kit, they can use the provided melodies in their own productions. Loop kits are becoming extremely popular, especially among new beat-makers who struggle with music theory. Creating a catchy melody can be a daunting task for a new beat-maker. Loop kits make it easy for any producer to start making memorable beats right away.

Loop kits are usually priced much higher than drum kits, as they offer unique compositions rather than random one-shots. Only you can put a price on your compositions, but keep in mind that an average price for a loop kit containing 15 - 30 samples is around $30. Remember to provide other producers with the proper instructions for crediting you as a collaborator. Even if your loop is royalty-free, you should still be mentioned as a producer on the final product.

Why Selling Sound kits on BeatStars is the Best Option

You get to keep 100% of the profit! Unlike other sound kit providers like Splice and Sounds, BeatStars lets you collect your earnings directly.

Don’t share your earnings with greedy companies who want a cut! Sell your sound kits on BeatStars marketplace to get the most out of your sound kits. Having your beats and sound kits all in one place makes things simpler for your customers. Don’t settle for any other sound kit retailer, start selling your kits on BeatStars today.

Visit our help desk for a quick and easy guide on how you can start selling sound kits to your customers in minutes!  

Start selling your sound kits

Discover an exciting new revenue source for your digital music marketplace
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Start selling your sound kits

Discover an exciting new revenue source for your digital music marketplace
Get Started
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