How BeatStars Publishing Works For Your Music

Allison Belcher
Allison Belcher . Jun 21, 2022 . min. read
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If you’re reading this, you’re likely submerged in the online music-selling game. Congrats! You are already ahead of the curve; an early adopter within one of the fastest growing sectors of the music industry.

The music industry is a massive, ever-evolving space. Understanding the nuts and bolts of how this creative machine works can take time and patience, but we’re here to ensure that the learning process is quick and simple. That’s why we’re here today - to introduce you to the complex but crucial world of Music Publishing.

What is Music Publishing?

We’ll break this intricate question down in a way that it relates to YOU. 

When you produce a beat, you own the song or the composition. When that beat is sold and the artist releases it as a song, you share in the composition of that song - usually a 50/50 split when you are the sole producer. 

Songs and instrumentals that have been commercially released (meaning they have been uploaded to digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple, YouTube, etc.) generate a few different types of royalties that you should be aware of, and be collecting.

One type of publishing royalty is the mechanical royalty, which is generated through the reproduction of copyrighted works in digital and physical formats. Songwriters and producers are paid mechanical royalties per song purchased, downloaded and/or streamed on digital streaming platforms.

Another type of publishing royalty is the performance royalty. Performance royalties are paid to songwriters and their publishers in exchange for the right to broadcast or perform a copyrighted musical composition in a public environment. This includes radio airplay, TV broadcasts, live performance in venues like bars and clubs, and, last but not least, interactive digital streams.

Why do I need Publishing services? 

In order to maximize your publishing revenue, you need a team of attentive publishing administrators to ensure that your copyrights are being effectively registered and collected upon. BeatStars Publishing is here to be that team for you!

In addition to the global collection of your royalties, being a member of BeatStars Publishing can also open doors to securing placement opportunities and working with established and rising artists. 

Think of publishing as a vital next step in your music career.

How does royalty collection work? 

BeatStars Publishing is partnered with Sony Music Publishing, the world’s #1 music publisher, to help producers and artists collect their publishing royalties.

We have developed a seamless registration system that allows you to register your work efficiently and securely. You simply upload the publishing information associated with each song (writing credits and splits), and your dedicated team of publishing administrators will handle the rest. 

What are the terms of signing up for BeatStars Publishing?

Here’s a breakdown of the deal: 

Deal Term: 1 year

Retention: 1 year, post-termination

Collection: 1 year following the expiration of retention in the US. 18 months outside of the US.


Mechanical: 80%

Public Performance Publisher Share: 60%

Public Performance Writers Share: 100%

Synchs: 80%, except 65% where sourced by BeatStars or its affiliates

Other Income: 80%

*Royalty statements come in semi-annually. 

A Breakdown of the Flow of Money in Music 

If your mind is reeling over how the flow of money works in music (and how it makes its way to you), we’ve got you covered with this flow chart breakdown:

The Ultimate Guide to Music Publishing 

If you’re still hungry to learn more about how music publishing works, our official guide is available to help. 

You can download it here to learn about: 

  • Music Copyrights - Composition vs. Master
  • Overview of Music Copyright Royalties - Mechanical vs. Public Performance
  • Performance Rights Organizations (PROs)
  • The role of a Music Publisher and how they help 
  • How music publishing deals work 
  • How BeatStars Publishing is changing the game 

Sign up for BeatStars Publishing 

If you’re ready to start collecting your music royalties, we’re ready to help. If you’re a BeatStars Pro Page member, a BeatStars Publishing membership comes FREE with your subscription. 

If you aren’t a Pro Page member, you can click here to upgrade, or pay a one time fee of $49.99 to unlock your collection services.


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Written by Allison Belcher
Communications Specialist @ BeatStars
Allison Belcher is a Communications Specialist and music enthusiast living in rainy Portland, Oregon.
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