BeatStars Meets Voloco: Revolutionizing Mobile Music Production

BeatStars Staff
BeatStars Staff . Jan 18, 2024 . min. read
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Greetings, BeatStars Family! Today marks a groundbreaking moment in our journey. We're ecstatic to announce a pioneering integration with Voloco, the cutting-edge mobile recording application. This collaboration is not just a milestone for BeatStars and Voloco but a giant leap for artists and producers worldwide, eliminating barriers to music creation.

A New Era of Musical Creation:

Our mission at BeatStars has always been to empower artists and producers, and this partnership with Voloco catapults this mission to new heights. Imagine having the power to import an expansive array of beats from BeatStars directly into Voloco's intuitive recording studio - this is now a reality.

Seamless Integration for Maximum Creativity:

The integration allows you, the artists, to browse, select, and import beats that are available for free download on BeatStars directly into Voloco. This seamless process ensures that the moment inspiration strikes, you're ready to lay down your vocals without a hitch.

Benefits for Our Community:

For BeatStars users, this integration means more than just convenience; it's a doorway to endless possibilities. Artists will be able to create draft vocals, experiment with different beats, and feel the rush of creativity in a more streamlined, hassle-free environment.

For Voloco users, welcome to a world where millions of high-quality beats are at your fingertips. This integration brings you the best of both worlds - Voloco's top-notch recording capabilities and BeatStars' unmatched beat library.

How to Access the Integration:

To dive into this new feature, simply download the BeatStars app on your iOS or Android device. Look for the ‘Record’ button on tracks with the 'Free Download' option; these are your gateways to using the Voloco record button. Remember, an active BeatStars account is your key to this treasure trove of musical potential.

Enhanced Visibility for Producers:

A key aspect of this partnership is the empowerment it brings to our BeatStars producers. In addition to the seamless integration for artists, we're excited to announce comprehensive data tracking on beat usage for our BeatStars members.

Track Your Beat's Journey:

As a producer on BeatStars, you'll now have the ability to see exactly how your beats are being utilized in the Voloco app. In your stats section, you'll find detailed data showing how many artists have imported your beats, giving you a clearer picture of your music's reach and impact.

Connecting with Your Audience:

But it doesn't stop there. We believe in building bridges, not just between platforms but between people. That's why, along with the number of imports, you'll also have access to user information of those who download your files. This transparency opens up new avenues for collaboration and community-building, allowing you to connect directly with the artists who are bringing life to your beats.

Worldwide Accessibility:

We're proud to make this feature accessible to everyone - no matter where you are, this integration is available to you, absolutely free.

Tutorial and Support:

We understand that new features can be daunting, so we've prepared a tutorial video and a comprehensive user manual to guide you through this new terrain.

Looking Ahead:

Our vision doesn't stop here. We're already brewing future enhancements, including integrating the BeatStars catalog directly within the Voloco app. Your feedback is crucial to us, so please share your thoughts and suggestions on our BeatStars Request Board.

Real-World Success: The Story of D4VD and BeatStars


D4VD, a recording artist, represents a new generation of musicians who leverage digital tools to create and distribute music. His journey is particularly notable for how he utilized BeatStars, a platform known for its vast library of beats and tracks produced by a diverse community of global producers.

Discovery and Creation:

D4VD discovered the beats for his hit songs "Romantic Homicide" and "Here with Me" on BeatStars. These tracks were produced by Dan Darmawan, a member of the BeatStars community.

The unique aspect of D4VD's creative process was his use of a mobile recording app (akin to Voloco). This technology allowed him to record vocals directly from his mobile device, offering a level of convenience and immediacy not traditionally available in the music production process.

Impact and Success:

The songs D4VD created quickly gained traction, showcasing how effective and powerful these digital tools can be in the hands of talented artists.

"Romantic Homicide" and "Here with Me" achieved remarkable success, accumulating over 1 billion streams each across various digital music services. This level of success underscores not only D4VD's talent but also the quality of production accessible through platforms like BeatStars and Voloco.

His story became a testament to the changing landscape of music production, where access to quality beats and easy recording technology can lead to the creation of chart-topping hits.

Inspiration for Others:

D4VD's journey is inspirational for upcoming artists, highlighting that with the right tools and platforms, anyone with talent and dedication can reach a global audience.

His success story serves as a powerful example for the BeatStars and Voloco community, demonstrating what's possible when innovative technology meets creativity. 

Engagement and Future Plans:

While there are no immediate events planned, we're buzzing with ideas for community events and contests. Follow us on our social channels for all the exciting updates!

A Personal Note from Abe Batshon, CEO of BeatStars:

"As we celebrate this remarkable integration with Voloco, I'm reminded of the unique and often surprising paths that lead to such groundbreaking collaborations. A particularly memorable moment in our journey involves a talented member of our BeatStars family, Tantu Beats.

Back in the summer of 2018, Tantu Beats, a skilled producer and a valued member of our community, was interning at BeatStars Studios. His passion for music and technology was evident, and it was during this time he shared with me an app that caught his interest – Voloco. Intrigued by its capabilities, I saw potential for something bigger.

Tantu's introduction was more than just a passing recommendation; it was the catalyst for a series of discussions and meetings that would eventually lead to the partnership we are launching today. He later introduced me to Patrick Flanagan, the CEO of Voloco, which kick-started the relationship that has brought us to this exciting juncture.

This story is a testament not just to the innovative spirit of our community, but also to the power of connections and collaborations that can start from the most organic and unexpected encounters. It's a reminder that at BeatStars, our community is at the heart of everything we do. Their insights, experiences, and contributions shape our path and enable us to continually evolve and adapt in this dynamic music industry.

This integration is for you, our creators, who inspire us every day to push boundaries and explore new horizons in music production."

Call to Action:

Don't just read about it; experience it! Download or open the BeatStars Mobile app and start exploring this fantastic integration. For updates and opportunities, follow BeatStars and Voloco on social media.


This partnership between BeatStars and Voloco isn't just a feature addition; it's a new chapter in music creation. It's about breaking barriers, fostering collaboration, and giving wings to your musical aspirations. Here's to making more music and breaking more boundaries, together!

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BeatStars is a FREE beats streaming platform designed for creators to find their next hit song. With the world-leading beats app, you can explore and buy over 8 million type beats, instrumentals, hooks, and sound kits across various genres like Trap, Drill, Afrobeat, Hip-hop, R&B, and many more. From hobbyists to professionals, BeatStars is home to a community of over 10 million creators.

Download the BeatStars App's Today!

BeatStars is a FREE beats streaming platform designed for creators to find their next hit song. With the world-leading beats app, you can explore and buy over 8 million type beats, instrumentals, hooks, and sound kits across various genres like Trap, Drill, Afrobeat, Hip-hop, R&B, and many more. From hobbyists to professionals, BeatStars is home to a community of over 10 million creators.
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