Securing Music Rights and Royalties with BeatStars Creator Rights Agency

BeatStars Staff
BeatStars Staff . Mar 25, 2024 . min. read
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Creator Rights Agency is your on-demand management, legal and accounting team for music producers, songwriters and any music creator navigating the music industry.

Picture this: your loops, beats, or hooks become the backbone of a chart-topping hit, but without your permission. What if you're left out of the credits, or worse, the profits? Imagine your work fueling the next viral sensation, yet you're left knocking on doors for your rightful share. It's a scenario we've seen all too often, leaving many creators feeling disheartened and ready to throw in the towel. But here's the thing: giving up isn't in our vocabulary.

Take a look at some of the victories we've celebrated with our creators, proving that perseverance pays off in the music royalties negotiation process:

Fortnite - The Squabble EMOTE (Official Fortnite Music Video)

Rylo Rodriguez - "Equal Dirt" (Official Music Video)

d4vd - Romantic Homicide

ThxSoMch - SPIT IN MY FACE! (Official Music Video)

So, how do we ensure you get credited and paid fairly? Here are the top strategies from the Creator Rights Agency:

Never make the first offer when negotiating terms

In our work with creators, we've found that diving into deal discussions with your terms can be tempting. However, a large part of our strategy involves a bit of patience, allowing the other side to lay their cards on the table first. This approach often unveils terms and opportunities we might not have considered, ensuring we're not just closing deals, but securing the right ones for our creators with the best music legal guidance.

Always ask for a fee, master points, and your fair share of publishing

Every time we sit down to negotiate, we're not just talking numbers; we're there to ensure that every facet of your contribution is recognized and rewarded. Our stance is clear: a fair deal encompasses an upfront fee, master points, and a rightful share of publishing. Accepting anything less is a compromise we're not willing to make on behalf of our creators.

The importance of a letter of direction and securing direct payments

Our experience has taught us that the path to receiving payments can be fraught with delays and complications. That's why we insist on a letter of direction for our creators, a practice that streamlines the payment process directly from labels and platforms like SoundExchange, ensuring you get what you've earned without the runaround.

Always follow up

Following up might seem like a basic task, but it's an art we've refined over countless negotiations. Ensuring our creators' deals and payments move forward requires just the right balance of persistence and tact—every 9 business days, to be precise. It's this meticulous approach that helps us secure what's due without becoming a nuisance.

Foster industry relationships

In the tight-knit world of music, the relationships we build today can define opportunities tomorrow. Our team approaches every interaction with a blend of professionalism and warmth. It's not about being pushy; it's about being personable and respectful, ensuring that doors remain open for our creators now and in the future.

Wondering how to put all this into practice? That's where the Creator Rights Agency (CRA) comes in. We've crafted CRA to safeguard your interests, ensuring you're fairly credited and compensated. By joining the CRA, you're not just securing your rights; you're joining a movement dedicated to protecting and promoting the creative community.

Ready to secure your future in the industry? Join the Creator Rights Agency today and make your next hit, your best move.

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Written by BeatStars Staff
Residing all over the world, the BeatStars staff aim to supply creators with the resources they need to disrupt the music industry.
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