Remembering Soulker

Abe Batshon
Abe Batshon . Sep 06, 2023 . min. read
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Dear BeatStars Community,

Music has a unique way of bringing us together, bridging gaps, and telling stories that words alone cannot capture. Today, we gather in the collective embrace of music to honor one of our own brightest luminaries - Soulker.

The news of Soulker's untimely passing due to meningitis has deeply touched all of us at BeatStars and the broader music community worldwide. At just 22, he may have left our world, but his beats, the songs he made with artists around the world, and his legacy will live on forever.

BeatStars has been privileged to be a part of Soulker's journey. His unparalleled talent made him a cornerstone of our platform and one of the top creators in our history. The beats he produced were more than just sounds; they were expressions of his soul, bringing stories to life that inspired millions of artists. Every beat echoed his passion, innovation, and commitment to his craft.

We have been deeply moved by the flood of heartfelt messages from our community and beyond. Soulker's mother has been sharing updates on his socials and sentiments on his behalf, and the wave of condolences and warmth from all of you has been overwhelming. This unity in grief and love is a testament to the many lives Soulker touched with his art.

To ensure that Soulker's beats keep echoing, we've decided to keep his BeatStars account active forever. Furthermore, his mother will be granted full access, ensuring that the bond between Soulker, his music, and all of us remains unbroken. It is a small gesture, but one that we believe upholds the principles of unity, love, and continuity that BeatStars and our community stands for.

In recognition of his monumental impact on our platform and the music world, we are also dedicating an official day August 16th on BeatStars to honor Soulker. This day will be a testament to his enduring legacy, a day to celebrate his music, and the countless souls he's touched.

As we remember Soulker, let us also remember the power of music to heal, to inspire, and to unite. Let's continue to support, collaborate, and create, ensuring that the rhythm of life, love, and music never ceases.

Thank you, Soulker, for sharing your beautiful art with us. Your legacy will forever be a part of BeatStars, echoing in every beat, every song, and every heart. May God rest your soul and give your family all of the strength they need to mourn your loss. We will never forget you and will always cherish the time we had with you. 

With deepest sympathy,

Abe Batshon
CEO, BeatStars

Written by Abe Batshon
Founder & CEO @ BeatStars
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