Real Case Studies: Beat ID Found Over 1 Billion Streams Scanning Just 5 Beats!

Joey Affatato
Joey Affatato . Apr 10, 2023 . min. read
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Can we agree that music is medicine, and a bridge that connects us to each other? Producing great music offers creators a chance to make the world a better place, but it can also present problems, like when creators don’t get paid for their hard work. That’s where Beat ID comes in – it’s the most powerful tool in the industry to help creators track their work, and earn what they deserve.

Hey there, it’s Joey from BeatStars. I’m excited to share some case studies that help demonstrate why Beat ID is essential for music creators like YOU!

With tech advancements developing faster than Eminem’s and Twista’s syllable-spitting combined, we’ve come a long way in developing tools to help artists protect their intellectual property. Leading the way is Beat ID, BeatStars’ powerful content identification system, providing access to data and information about where and how your tracks are being used across 25+ global applications and platforms.

Why would I need to use Beat ID? 

First, Beat ID can detect when copyrighted material is being used without permission. When Beat ID reports back any unauthorized use of your beat or song, you can then decide if you want to be charitable and let it pass, or to take action and contact whoever is plagiarizing your work.

It can also help manage digital rights by tracking how your content is being used, and hence, you can enforce your licensing agreement. This is crucial for you as a music creator, since music is easily shared and distributed.

Beat ID will help you enforce your licensing agreements, plus help you claim royalties for your work. Beat ID provides data and insight on how and where your music is being used, and in what context, so you can make informed decisions about marketing and promoting your music.

We know “seeing is believing”, so here are some wins experienced by BeatStars creators who regularly use Beat ID:


This talented 17-year old Norwegian producer and BeatStars Publishing member used Beat ID to scan several of his top performing beats, which resulted in a huge find for his beat “Time” that was used in the song “Baile Da Serra” by Lit Up x Braão. The track was released in April 2022 and has since reaped over 55 million streams on YouTube and Spotify alone. 


This skillful producer and BeatStars Publishing member out of Mexico used Beat ID to scan his popular tracks, and discovered his beat “Jungle”, in collaboration with Beatsbydil, was used for the song “Microphone” by THE OLD i$E (CD GUNTEE & DAWUT).  From its release in July 2018, the song now has over 175 million streams on YouTube and Spotify.

Dannyebtracks racked up an additional 200 million streams from a dozen other songs that - thanks to Beat ID - he discovered were being sampled.

Anabolic Beatz 

Through Beat ID, this astonishing UK producer and BeatStars Publishing member found that his beat "No More Drama" was used for the song “We Rollin” by Shubh, released in September 2021. The track has over 410 million streams on YouTube and Spotify, plus additional remixes, downtempo versions, and lyric videos adding over 10 million streams to the mix. 

Chris Rich Beats 

UK producers continue to bring it, as BeatStars Publishing member Chris Rich Beats has proven. He scanned some of his top performing beats using Beat ID, including “GLIZZY” and "WOO". Beat ID helped him discover that “GLIZZY” was used by Ghanaian artist Yaw Tog, who collaborated with O`Kenneth, City Boy, Reggie, and Jay Bahd for the song “SORE”, which is known for putting Ghana Drill music on the map. This track currently has over 6 million plays on YouTube.

If that wasn’t a big enough flex, the “SORE” remix features legendary UK rapper, singer, and songwriter, Stormzy. 

Beat ID also helped reveal that “SORE” was featured in the Noisey docuseries, Gangsta Rap International, and an article in Complex Magazine.

And that’s not all. Beat ID’s report showed that “WOO” was used on multiple tracks by several artists, racking up millions of views: “Tommy Shelby (Outdrill)" by Ambush Buzzworl, “Bacc Out” by Quelly Woo, “Presidente” by Mad Clip, and “Lit” by SleazyWorld Go.

For each producer and song, Beat ID verified that licenses were purchased. The tracks were then registered with BeatStars and Sony Music Publishing to collect their royalties.

There it is, real world proof that Beat ID – now just $2 per scan – can provide creators with incredible discoveries that can make the difference between knowing their beat is selling well on the marketplace or if it’s going viral on the internet. Click here to learn more about getting started with this must-have creator tool.


Discover your music’s digital footprint, view insights into how and where your content is being used, and more for only $2 per scan.
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Discover your music’s digital footprint, view insights into how and where your content is being used, and more for only $2 per scan.
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Written by Joey Affatato
Growth Marketing Associate @ BeatStars, music enthusiast, and songwriter living in Hamilton, NJ
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