BeatStars New Podcast: Pay The Creators with Abe Batshon

Joey Affatato
Joey Affatato . Jan 09, 2023 . min. read
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BeatStars is excited to announce our first official podcast, Pay The Creators with Abe Batshon. Livestream Specialist, Anjanette Lanae, had the opportunity to interview the BeatStars Founder and CEO to learn his reasons for creating the podcast and what it means for the BeatStars community.

Anjanette: So excited to be chatting with you, Abe! The first thing I’d like to know is, why did you start this podcast?

Abe: Likewise, Anjanette! I started the Pay The Creators podcast for many reasons. For one, as BeatStars grew during the pandemic, I didn’t have many opportunities to see our community in person. Seeing and sharing experiences with the community I wake up every day to serve has always been an integral part of my life and career over the years. The producers and artists I get to meet and share real-life moments with help invigorate my human purpose on Earth and as the CEO of BeatStars. Knowing our community and its challenges are important informational testimonies from which the rest of the community can benefit from. 

Anjanette: Being the pulse of BeatStars and the community itself, I’m sure you have a lot you’d like to accomplish and vocalize through Pay The Creators. What does this podcast mean to you? 

Abe: It’s all about what it means to the people I’m interviewing. For some, it’s their first time doing an in-person interview and the first time any high-quality long-form content has been made for them. Really, I’m more concerned with what this podcast means for the families and friends of these individuals that will have a lasting piece of content they put into their archives of life achievements and memories. 

Anjanette: What do you hope the BeatStars community learns from this podcast?

Abe: I really hope these life stories of creators that come from vulnerable places are embraced with love, enlightenment, and inspiration. I hope the community sees themselves in these guests, can empathize with their journeys, and find lessons they can apply to their own lives. 

Anjanette: What guests are you planning to have? 

Abe: I want to talk to the everyday creator that has pushed themselves to achieve their goals. I want to talk to creators that possess an entrepreneurial spirit that will spill over and infect the viewers with their passion, drive, and pursuit of excellence. I want to talk to creators that are willing to share their struggles, pivots, and milestones they’ve achieved. 

Abe Batshon, CEO/Founder of BeatStars chats with BeatStars producer DillyGotItBumpin on the first episode of Pay The Creators Podcast.

Anjanette: What do you feel makes this podcast different from other podcasts in the music industry?

Abe: I believe what makes this podcast unique is the realness, inclusivity, humanity, and vulnerability from both myself and my guests. Our goal is to inspire with our truth and embrace the differences in our experiences.

Anjanette: Obviously you founded BeatStars and I know you got your start as an artist, but you’re not a producer yourself. Why are you the right person to tell the stories of the producer community?

Abe: All of our voices matter, but I do believe mine is a little special because of the journey I have been on as CEO of BeatStars. As a pioneer and visionary for the community, I can paint an accurate historical picture of the online producers' origin story. I can properly articulate our creators' global impact on the music industry. Not enough credible sources are sharing information, and I believe helping open a new medium for knowledge transfer will help all future generations of creators.

Anjanette: What are your goals for the podcast?

Abe: If the podcast can help inspire just one person to change their life, perspective, and expectations from the stories shared, then I feel it's successful. But my goals are much larger, and I hope we can positively impact millions of people's lives.

Anjanette: If there was one message you would like the world to hear from this podcast, what would it be?

Abe: Love each other. Respect each other. Compensate each other fairly and live your true lives as creators with no judgment or hate. Live every day with gratitude, focus on your unique journey and development, and never forget why you started making music in the first place. 

Check out the debut episode of Pay The Creators with Abe Batshon here featuring producer DillyGotItBumpin, and stay tuned for new episodes every other Wednesday.

Pay The Creators Podcast Out Now!

Stream the first episode featuring producer DillyGotItBumpin
Stream Now

Pay The Creators Podcast Out Now!

Stream the first episode featuring producer DillyGotItBumpin
Stream Now
Written by Joey Affatato
Growth Marketing Associate @ BeatStars, music enthusiast, and songwriter living in Hamilton, NJ
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