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BeatStars Staff . Aug 22, 2022 . min. read

BeatStars Publishing is a brand new, integral part of the BeatStars platform and ultimately a creator’s career. Expand your knowledge on what publishing is, why you should publish your music, how BeatStars Publishing can assist your music career, and how you can get started in the Publishing portal.

What is Publishing?

Music Publishing is the oldest vertical of the music business, generating opportunities for compositions to be performed and reproduced. The history of music publishing can be dated back to the late 1800s in New York City, where a collective of music publishers and songwriters connected to create and release popular music outside of the religious and classical genres. Fast forwarding to now, Publishers are concerned with ensuring artists and songwriters are paid from digital music consumption such as streaming and downloading. In this case, BeatStars Publishing was created to ensure artists and producers get compensated for the commercial use of their songs, and ultimately represents creators to guarantee they receive royalties for their songs. In short, music publishing is all about songwriters and copyrights. When music licensed, publicly performed, or sold the songwriter and copyright owner are owed royalties. BeatStars Publishing is essentially acting as a ‘Publishing Administrator’, administering the copyright and protecting the use of your songs as well as collecting royalties owed from the use of those songs. With BeatStars Publishing, you can worry less about getting “screwed over” and focus more on creating music.

Why Should I Publish my Songs?

If you read the ‘What is Publishing’ paragraph, the answer is simple - so you can get paid appropriately for the commercial use of your songs! That means getting paid for your streams, downloads, and any other commercial use of your tracks. Publishing your songs through BeatStars Publishing is a simple, straight-forward way to ensure you’re getting paid the royalties you deserve.

Getting Started on BeatStars Publishing

Once you have access to BeatStars Publishing, you can get started with the onboarding process.

  1. Log into your BeatStars Studio Account
  2. Next, visit the following section - Publishing
  3. In order to ensure maximum security for our users, you’ll need to fill out the following sections:
  4. ☑ Basic Information
  5. ☑ Writer Information
  6. ☑ Identity Verification
  7. In the ‘Basic Information’ section, fill out your information and ensure it’s all correct. Your contract will auto-populate this information, so anything that is entered incorrectly will delay your onboarding process!
  8. Next, in the ‘Writer Information’ section, you’ll need to select the Performing Rights Organization (PRO) to which you are affiliated with. You will also need to provide your IPN number. If you’re not affiliated with any Performing Rights Organization yet, go here to find a PRO near you.
  9. Then, in the Identify Verification section, you’ll need to upload a picture of your Photo Identification card or Driver’s License. Make sure the photo is clear and in proper lighting. Click ‘Continue’ to go to the next screen.
  10. On the following screen, you will need to read the agreement and sign it at the end of the document.
  11. After clicking on the sign option, you will receive an email copy of this agreement.
  12. On the next screen, you will see a ‘Processing your Data’ message. That means it’s our turn to work! We’ll check all of the data entered and will contact you if there any issues. As soon as your submission is approved, we will send you an email confirmation.

Important Note

Your TikTok Submission must be viewable by 'Everyone' in order to be viewed and considered.

More of a visual learner?

We get that. Watch our official tutorial video to help you along the way.

More of a visual learner?

We get that. Watch our official tutorial video to help you along the way.
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