How Ex-Lawyer Anees Becomes Viral TikTok Star

Joey Affatato
Joey Affatato . Mar 08, 2023 . min. read
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Anees is on a mission to make his mark on the music industry, but it's not all smooth sailing. Throughout this episode, TikTok artist Anees dives into the highs and lows of his music career so far and what has led him to the success he has today.

In Episode 5 of Pay The Creators, he shares how lack of control when releasing new songs can be incredibly frustrating and details what self-discovery means for independent artists like him. Delving into the importance of process, community support, and creating something that resonates with people - both Anees and BeatStars Founder & CEO, Abe Batshon, explore the power of passion & purpose when aiming for success & fulfillment!

Anees' story is one of defying expectations and discovering his true passion. He grew up surrounded by music yet chose to study law, later realizing that he was limiting himself from succeeding in the industry he truly loved. While Anees can’t control every aspect of releasing new songs, it sheds light on an important lesson: trust your intuition and don't let society's conventions impede progress! Additionally, it’s discussed that when launching your next great hit single or album, independent artists must remember that process comes before people, a vital element for business success and connecting with fans - whether through demo recordings or live streams – to demonstrate growth over time together.

Deeper in the conversation, Abe and Anees explore how to build and maintain a supportive community for artists. They recognize that criticism can be tricky but suggest empowering fans by allowing them to determine what their music is worth. Anees talked about how he hosted a live session on Instagram where he was pleasantly surprised by pop icon Justin Bieber. Following the event, Anees gained over 10,000 followers and grabbed the attention of several producers online to help further his career.

Abe Batshon, Founder & CEO of BeatStars, chats with artist Anees on Episode 5 of Pay The Creators Podcast

Following that, the discussion further examines the substantial effect one song can have on someone’s life. It highlights how everyone —from behind-the-scenes folks like producers, bands, & media— all reap lifelong benefits of being part of something meaningful and impactful. Most notably, they discuss the impact Anees’ hit song “Leave Me” had on TikTok and his community of followers.

Aspiring musicians, this podcast episode is a must-listen! It encourages self-discovery and provides valuable insight into the music industry. Abe and Anees emphasize that having passion and purpose are vital to creating art that resonates with people – not only for career success but also for personal fulfillment. They offer great advice on how independent artists can involve their fans in the creative process while cultivating resilience against negativity or criticism.

Episode 5 of Pay The Creators featuring Anees is available on all streaming platforms. Tune in now to learn more about following your musical dreams!

Stream Episode 5 Featuring Anees Now!

Find out more about this passionate artist’s backstory.
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Stream Episode 5 Featuring Anees Now!

Find out more about this passionate artist’s backstory.
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Written by Joey Affatato
Growth Marketing Associate @ BeatStars, music enthusiast, and songwriter living in Hamilton, NJ
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