The Ultimate Guide To Selling Beats On BeatStars

BeatStars Staff
BeatStars Staff . Aug 22, 2022 . min. read

Do you know how many producers there are in the world? Neither do we…but we do know that everyone loves to receive help, promotion & support.

Do you know how many producers there are in the world? Neither do we…but we do know that everyone loves to receive help, promotion & support.

We put this article together to HELP you…YES, YOU!

Let’s begin…

Learn how to use BeatStars with these tutorials from LifeStyleDidIt & BeatStars.

This is a playlist, so make sure to watch every video.

This is our 4-step seminar series on HOW TO SELL BEATS ONLINE. Watch the videos, bookmark this page and watch them again.

Over an hour and a half of expert advice from BeatStars’ CEO himself, Abe Batshon.

Part 1:

00:00:20 – Beatstars
00:05:32 – Traditional Music Producer Roles
00:08:02 – Traditional Music Producer Roadblocks
00:11:44 – Online Beat-maker Roles
00:20:17 – Online beat-maker Roadblocks
00:23:18 – Always Learning

Part 2:

00:00:19 – Release Flow
00:02:16 – Non-Exclusive License Structure
00:03:38 – YouTube Optimization
00:04:45 – YouTube Video Metadata
00:07:26 – Making a CTA (Call-to-action)
00:16:22 – Beatstars Pro Page Overview
00:21:06 – Question: Exclusive Rights
00:21:55 – Question: How are royalties paid?
00:23:13 – Question: Can YouTube rips be prevented?

Part 3:

00:00:11 – Question: Are you a Multi-Channel Network on YouTube?
00:00:23 – Question: How does bidding work in AdWords?
00:05:09 – Google Trends
00:07:17 – Question: Do you recommend advertising externally?
00:08:03 – YouTube Titles and Tags
00:09:55 – YouTube Descriptions
00:10:57 – Social Media Advertising
00:12:46 – Ad Unit Overview

Part 4:

00:00:23 – Adding Videos to your Beats
00:02:21 – Effective Advertising
00:05:47 – Influencer Marketing
00:14:14 – Engaging Influencers
00:15:41 – Email Marketing
00:20:07 – Email Lists on Beatstars
00:21:33 – Email Flow Example

Making A Living Selling Beats Online – Featuring Abe Batshon, DJ Pain 1, Cash Money AP & Kato On The Track

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We created a BeatStars Soundcloud, Youtube & Audiomack account and promote you guys daily. Our goal is to always drive you sales and new customers.

The accounts are updated via our playlist choices, please see below.

If YOU need help with anything on the BeatStars platform, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly +awesome support staff via,, or reach out via Twitter DM or FB Messenger.

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