Pay The Creators Ep: 2 Ft. Yahor from Anywaywell

Abe Batshon
Abe Batshon . Apr 12, 2024 . min. read
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In a must see episode of the Pay The Creators podcast, we're taking you to the heart of Amsterdam to sit down with rapper-turned-producer Yahor from Anywaywell.

A prominent creative on BeatStars, Yahor's journey from an aspiring rapper to a top-selling music producer embodies the determination, artistry, and collaboration needed to make it in this industry.

Yahor's path as an artist started at 13, dabbling in rap before diving into music production. His hunger for creative expression led him to team up with like-minded producers from his hometown, giving birth to the powerhouse that is Anywaywell.

In this episode, Yahor opens up about the dynamics of working as a team in a domain where solo endeavors are common. He dishes on the secret sauce behind their enduring collaboration: a deep respect for each other's creative input and a shared vision. Yahor also drops some knowledge on the importance of mixing and mastering in music production, highlighting how these elements define the quality of their beats. 

Yahor also shines light on the impact BeatStars had on their lives. The platform not only gave them a stage to showcase their talent but also turned their passion into a sustainable career. The sale of their beats, including the game-changing "Feel Good,” is proof of the endless opportunities platforms such as BeatStars holds for creators. 

Yahor's advice to his younger self and to all budding creators out there is simple yet profound: "Keep doing what you believe in."  This mantra encapsulates the ethos of Anywaywell and serves as a reminder that persistence, passion, and authenticity are the cornerstones of success in the music industry.

In a world where music is constantly evolving, Yahor's perspective is nothing but optimistic. He views AI as another instrument in the vast arsenal of music production, a tool that, when wielded with human creativity and emotion, can lead to groundbreaking endeavors.

As the podcast wraps up in bustling Amsterdam, Yahor's story stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, the evolution of production in the digital era, and that unrelenting spark inside creators who dare to dream and carve their own path in the world of music.

Check out more of Yahor’s work on BeatStars!

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Want more episodes?

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Written by Abe Batshon
Founder & CEO @ BeatStars
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