How To Properly Register A Song With BeatStars Publishing

BeatStars Staff
BeatStars Staff . Jan 25, 2024 . min. read
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Learn how to properly register a song with BeatStars Publishing.

Welcome to BeatStars Publishing - we’re thrilled you’ve chosen us to support your music publishing journey!

We launched BeatStars Publishing in partnership with the world’s #1 music publisher, Sony Music Publishing , because we want to give musicians like YOU:

🔒 100% ownership of your music

💰 80/20 splits for mechanical royalties

💬 Hands-on customer support

💪 The power to maximize your earning potential

So what's next?

In order to collect your royalties, you will need to properly register your tracks in our BeatStars Publishing Portal.

Search for your song, select it, and move on to adding your collaborators’ full names and percentages, if applicable (please ensure the percentages add up to 100%).

Press “Publish” and once approved, your song(s) will be delivered to Sony Score where it will be sent out for collection to over 200 worldwide Performing Rights Organizations and Societies!

The most important thing to remember when registering a record is to include every writers full name and publishing split. Writers can be artists or producers, so make sure you reference your agreement to ensure you are including each collaborators full name and proper publishing split.

To further clarify, you are not registering your collaborators publishing shares; you are giving clarity to us and all the PRO's/Societies who else is on the song.

The more complete the data is, the quicker it will be approved and start collecting. Submitting incomplete data usually leads to rejected songs.

Where do I track my royalties?

In order to track your royalties and payments, Sony Music Publishing will be emailing you to set up your Sony Score account.

Please be on the lookout for their email (check your spam). If you have not received an email from Sony Music Publishing after 2 weeks of signing up with BeatStars Publishing, please email

For more information on Publishing and BeatStars Publishing, check out our Ultimate Guide to Music Publishing.

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Sign Up with BeatStars Publishing

Free with your Starter or Professional membership.
Start Collecting Royalties
Written by BeatStars Staff
Residing all over the world, the BeatStars staff aim to supply creators with the resources they need to disrupt the music industry.
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