The Story Behind BeatStars Publishing Producers and OHBOYPRINCE Creating A Viral TikTok Hit

Joey Affatato
Joey Affatato . May 17, 2023 . min. read
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With the explosion of the song “Bounce When She Walk” on TikTok after going viral, it was obvious BeatStars needed to sit down with the BeatStars Publishing producers responsible. Our Social Media Associate, Owen Postma, got the opportunity to chat with KXVI and 3Dawg Beats and received some great feedback in the process.

Owen: Guys! Super excited to be speaking with you both. First question that came to mind was how did “Bounce When She Walk” come about? Can you tell us what happened from start to finish?

KXVI: Been looking forward to this, Owen! I had no idea about the song until I was scrolling on TikTok one day and I heard the sound. It felt familiar, but I didn't know why. Then, I searched for the sound and realized it was my melody… crazy! It was just another melody that I made; I didn't think anything of it.

3Dawg: Likewise, fam! I was looking for a loop for my next beat and settled on this “evil melody” from KXVI. It is noteworthy that the loop included synth bass and it seemed to me a good idea not to add 808 to it. Once I finished it, I posted it on YouTube and BeatStars. I first met OHBOYPRINCE in August. Unique Musick from his team purchased a beat for her song "I Put That On You". A little later, he left me a comment that he was doing something on one of my beats. Now we know that it was "Bounce When She Walk"! 

Owen: Damn, that’s really cool. How has “Bounce When She Walk” made an impact on your career as a producer & what has the reception been like?

KXVI: It's been super cool to see all the people making videos using the song. Seeing numbers on Spotify is one thing, but actually seeing people connecting with your music is super dope.

3Dawg: Totally agree. When I first heard those claps in "Bounce When She Walk", I was like WOW… this is bound to go viral… and it happened! It's fantastic to see millions of people who are rocked by your music. 

Owen: Yessir! What non-musical skills helped you land this placement, or other placements in the past?

KXVI: For me, this placement just came about from me putting myself out there on platforms like BeatStars, YouTube, and Instagram. Most of my placements have been from people finding my work on social media.

3Dawg: I have always strived to grow YouTube and BeatStars. Most of my placements came from there. 

Owen: Can y’all give me some music production-related sauce for the community?

KXVI: Don't overthink your stuff. The beats or melodies you might not think anything of could be the ones that go off.

3Dawg: Always learn something new. YouTube is full of various tutorials for any genre. 

Owen: How large of a role has BeatStars/BeatStars Publishing played in getting to where you are today in your career? What has your experience been like since joining the team/platform?

KXVI: BeatStars and BeatStars Publishing have been a CORE part of the success in my career. Everything from helping me collect my money on the big songs I’ve had to giving me my biggest source of income on the platform itself. If producers aren't on BeatStars, they're trippin!

3Dawg: BeatStars is my main platform I use for income. BeatStars allows you to conduct legal transactions with artists and without lawyers, which is very convenient and important for producers all over the world. 

Owen: Great stuff guys. Last question - what is your advice to up-and-coming producers who hope to make a living off their music and/or get notable placements someday?

KXVI: My advice to producers would be to build your brand first. Everyone is trying to network and sneak their way into the game, but if you build your brand up, people start to come to you. Also, you have your own brand, which you can leverage to make money, even without big industry connections.

3Dawg: Consistency is the key. Straight up.

Owen also got to ask the artist OHBOYPRINCE about the song. He’s what he had to say about purchasing the track on BeatStars and how the TikTok trend started:

Owen: Appreciate you taking the time man! Just a few questions, how did you find the beat for “Bounce When She Walk”?

OHBOYPRINCE: No problem man, happy to take the time. I was just going through YouTube and I went to 3Dawg’s page because I already heard some fire on there from recent beats. I went back one day and boom, this beat was the one! 

Owen: Sometimes it be like that! How often do you use BeatStars to find new producers to work with?

OHBOYPRINCE: When I go to YouTube and they have BeatStars in their description box, I’ll click it and go through the beats on there. Usually I’ll buy them too.

Owen: How has this song changed the trajectory of your career? What kind of opportunities have come across since the release?

OHBOYPRINCE: The song is super viral on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. Man… all the apps have the song in a choke hold right now… I don’t see people getting 60 million views just dancing to the song.

Owen: How did the TikTok trend to “Bounce When She Walk” start?

OHBOYPRINCE: I have artists/influencers signed to me and they created the dance. It went viral with the push from the rest of our team and supporters. Really appreciate all the help from the BeatStars squad with that!

Scope out the full song “Bounce When She Walk” on Spotify and make sure to give the producers and artist some love on socials.

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Written by Joey Affatato
Growth Marketing Associate @ BeatStars, music enthusiast, and songwriter living in Hamilton, NJ
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