How This BeatStars Publishing Member Got a Top Searched Song on YouTube

Joey Affatato
Joey Affatato . Jun 21, 2023 . min. read
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It’s no surprise the success that came from this track! The other day, Owen Postma, Social Media Associate at BeatStars, got to talk with BeatStars Publishing member Forgotten about his collaboration with Baby Gang and how they quickly ranked among the top search results on YouTube. Dive into the full conversation for all the gems.

Owen: Forgotten! Stoked to be chatting with you finally. How did “Marocchino” come about? Tell us what happened from start to finish; from when you exported the beat/loop to when the song was initially released.

Forgotten: Same here, sir! When I finished the beat, the first thing that came to mind was Drake. Once I published it on YouTube, it instantly got attention & engagement. It was getting thousands of views in hours & before you know it, it was ranked on top search on YouTube. I was offered a ton of exclusive right offers, but didn't want to sell it right away. A few months later, I got a DM from Baby Gang on Instagram, he was interested in the beat. We negotiated & the rest was history. He’s continued to ask me for more beats too!

Owen: Damn, that’s awesome! How has “Marocchino” made an impact on your career as a producer & what has the reception been like?

Forgotten: I had never heard of Baby Gang before & when I looked him up, I thought he was talented & dope. Having interest in my work means a lot to me. Seeing how well the song did in terms of numbers instantly gave me more motivation & drive. It also gave me a perspective on what kind of beats artists really want - usually it's the simple & catchy beats.

Owen: Love it man. What non-musical skills helped you land this placement, or other placements in the past?

Forgotten: Being able to understand the power of consistency and believing in yourself. It is something so vital when it comes to achieving anything in life.

Owen: Facts! Can you give me some music production-related sauce for the community?

Forgotten: During the creative process, I will go through sounds until something feels right and go from there. I try not to think too much when it comes to making music and I learned the importance of minimalism. One of my favorite VST's is Omnisphere.

Owen: How large of a role has BeatStars/BeatStars Publishing played in getting to where you are today in your career, and what has your experience been like since joining the team/platform?

Forgotten: They've played a huge part in my producing career. I learned a lot from other BeatStars producers and gained knowledge and inspiration from them. It has given me the opportunity to do what I love full time and be able to work with artists in the industry and in the underground.

Owen: What is your advice to up-and-coming producers who hope to make a living off their music and/or get notable placements someday?

Forgotten: I'd say don't do it for the money and actually enjoy making music. Be in love with it and the process, and your dreams of doing it full time will eventually come to fruition.

Check out Baby Gang and Forgotten’s track “Marocchino” and make sure to follow Forgotten on social media for all his future music endeavors!

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Written by Joey Affatato
Growth Marketing Associate @ BeatStars, music enthusiast, and songwriter living in Hamilton, NJ
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