How This BeatStars Publishing Member Produced an NLE Choppa & Fivio Foreign Song

Joey Affatato
Joey Affatato . Apr 28, 2023 . min. read
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Once BeatStars producer, Madenka, received his placement on the track "DOPE" by NLE Choppa featuring Fivio Foreign, we knew we needed to learn more about this incredible milestone. Recently, Social Media Associate, Owen Postma, had the opportunity to chat with him about his success.

Owen: Excited to be chatting with you, Madenka! First question I had was how did “DOPE” come about? Tell us what happened from start to finish; from when you exported the beat to when “DOPE” was initially released.

Madenka: Same here, Owen! I made the beat in September last year, posted it on my YouTube channel and sent it out to artists. A few months later, I got a DM on Instagram from Fivio Foreign who told me to contact his manager and connected me to his team. Later that day, I got a text from NLE Choppa’s A&R rep at Warner Records telling me that I got a song with Fivio & Choppa on his upcoming album Cottonwood 2, and he sent me a version of it. It has been a long wait since then, and some negotiations to sort all the details, but I’m very happy that it’s officially out now!

Owen: Yessir, it’s a good one! How has “DOPE” made an impact on your career as a producer & what has the reception been like?

Madenka: The reception has been great and I’ve received a lot of positive comments from people! The streams have been solid so far and the music video got over 600k views the first day, so I’m excited to see how well it performs in the future.

Further to that, I’ve come across a lot of great people thanks to this song and I’m excited to keep working and building relationships with everyone. Hopefully, this placement opens up for more songs in the future. It’s the result of hard work over many years and I see it as a great step in the right direction towards my goals. I will stay consistent every day to achieve more.

Owen: What non-musical skills helped you land this placement, or other placements in the past?

Madenka: Having my own business for the past few years along with previous business administration studies in college has helped me a lot. There will always be negotiations and a business element in securing and tying up placements, so communication and surrounding yourself with people you trust is key.

Owen: FACTS! Can you give some music production-related sauce to the community?

Madenka: I got one simple goal when making beats: I don’t want the listener to sit still while hearing my music. When you show someone a beat and they start nodding along, you know it’s a good beat! It’s often the simple “bouncy beats” that get placed with artists. So keep it simple, leave some space for the artist, and do what you like to listen to yourself.

Owen: How large of a role has BeatStars/BeatStars Publishing played in getting to where you are today in your career, and what has your experience been like since joining the team/platform?

Madenka: Huge! The platform is essential for me and has opened up a lot of opportunities ever since I joined. I recently started working closely with the team, and they have played a critical role in negotiation and ensuring a good deal for me with this song. Very grateful for everyone involved and excited to keep working together - a special s/o to Mike, Greg, and Kyle for their efforts! 

Owen: What is your advice to up-and-coming producers who hope to make a living off their music and/or get notable placements someday?

Madenka: First of all, focus on making music and learning your sound. When you’re happy with the quality of your music, it’s all about being seen and heard. Building a base of followers on social media and sending out your beats to artists and people around them are both great ways. It takes time and patience to get there and it will feel hopeless at times, but it is vital to stay consistent and just keep going.

Check out Madenka’s YouTube channel, follow him on Instagram, and listen to the track "DOPE" on Spotify! Also be sure to grab some tracks off his BeatStars profile for your new music creations! 

Written by Joey Affatato
Growth Marketing Associate @ BeatStars, music enthusiast, and songwriter living in Hamilton, NJ
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