How BeatStars Publishing Member Hasa King Beatz Rose to #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 Producers Chart

Joey Affatato
Joey Affatato . May 25, 2023 . min. read
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Have you heard the latest trend for Yng Lvcas’ song “La Bebe”? Recently, Social Media Associate, Owen Postma, got to chat with Hasa King Beatz, the BeatStars Publishing producer behind the success. Dive into the full conversation below.

Owen: Pumped to be with you today man! First question, how did “La Bebe” come about? Tell us what happened from start to finish; from when you exported the beat/loop to when the song was initially released.

Hasa King: Pleasure is all mine, Owen! The beat was made in 2019 to sell on my platforms. My idea was to have the style of the beat be simple, but at the same time danceable with layers of plucks, chords, and a pad in the Intro so that it’s recognizable when someone is listening. Also, I wanted a melody that accompanied the chorus and some usual drums in the genre. In 2021, Yng Lvcas contacted me to acquire the beat license through BeatStars, which eventually became a part of his album LPM.

Owen: Love to hear it! How has “La Bebe” impacted your career as a producer and how has the reception been?

Hasa King: The impact of “La Bebe'' has been very positive for my career. Huge thanks to Yng Lvcas and his team for the opportunity. Because of the song’s success, I’ve been able to hit a goal of mine, which was to be ranked among the Top 10 Latin producers and Top Hot 100 producers on Billboard. The track has been a trend on all digital platforms, accumulating millions of views that have managed to be part of the Top 10 of TikTok Music and Top Global on Spotify. As for my producing career, it has been a great highlight and hopefully it will allow me to work with other major artists in the music industry.

Owen: That’s really amazing, let alone inspiring. What non-musical skills helped you get this placement or other placements in the past?

Hasa King: I think that the adaptability of being able to function in different genres and styles has led me to have a variety of resources to reach artists. Being able to relate to people has been huge for taking on new projects or collaborations. Contributing positively to a team can lead to incredible results.

Owen: Can you give the community some music production-related sauce?

Hasa King: Experiment with different plugins and VSTs, each one has its own unique features and benefits. To unlock creativity, loops and samples are a great tool. You can use it as a base for your beat or as a layer. Also, being organized is essential. When you have many projects or files, it is best to have everything on hand so that your creativity is not diluted by looking mindlessly through folders where you thought certain sounds you made lived.

Owen: What role has BeatStars/BeatStars Publishing played in getting you to where you are today in your career and what has your experience been like since you joined the team/platform?

Hasa King: BeatStars has been instrumental for me to share my beats to a global audience and effectively solve license charging problems. It’s my favorite platform by far. BeatStars Publishing has allowed me to easily register the percentages of my songs and, in turn, the platform manages to collect the money for the songs in each country. My experience with the platform has been positive, as it helps me grow as a producer and monetize effectively.

Owen: That’s awesome to hear, Hasa! What is your advice to emerging producers who hope to make a living from their music and/or land prominent placements one day?

Hasa King: Focus on constantly improving, collaborate with other artists or other producers, take advantage of online platforms, and don't be afraid to take risks. Music production is a continuous process of learning and improving. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.

Check out the full song “La Bebe” on Spotify and make sure to give Hasa King some love on socials!

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Written by Joey Affatato
Growth Marketing Associate @ BeatStars, music enthusiast, and songwriter living in Hamilton, NJ
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