How BeatStars Member Dunk Rock Landed a Top 10 Billboard Hit With Gunna

Owen Postma
Owen Postma . Jul 20, 2023 . min. read
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It’s almost impossible to scroll through social media without hearing Gunna’s smash hit “fukumean” from his latest album a Gift & a Curse. While Gunna’s signature lingo and infectious adlibs throughout are a driving force behind the song's popularity, the hard hitting instrumental from BeatStars member Dunk Rock certainly holds its own. I had a nice talk with Dunk to get a better idea of how this song came to be. Check out the conversation!

Owen: Yo Dunk! Being able to chop it up with you is a crazy opportunity. First and foremost, how did “fukumean” come about? Let us know what went into it from start to finish; when you exported the beat to when the song initially released.

Dunk: It’s a pleasure to talk with you guys! I made the beat for “fukumean” in early 2022. At the beginning of 2023, Flo reached out to me to send some beats for Gunna. I was mostly sending new beats, but I decided to go back and look at older ones as well I thought could fit and put it in a pack. Flo let me know about a month before the album dropped that they were potentially looking to use it. I really owe this all to Flo. If he hadn't thought of me, none of this would have happened. 

Owen: Man, that’s a great testament to send your older beats out, you never know what can happen. What's your working relationship like with Gunna? What happened after your viral moment when you pulled up to his studio?

Dunk: Gunna is a really cool guy. After that interaction they invited me into the studio compound. I met and thanked him for the opportunity to be on the WUNNA album. I also talked to Turbo and Kenny Stuntin. Turbo is one of the best producers of our generation and has had a big influence on my sound, so it was cool to chop it up with him.

Owen: That’s really an “I made it” moment. Had to be an insane feeling to be in the studio with those guys. How has "fukumean" made an impact on your career as a producer & what has the reception been like?

Dunk:  It's really been a blessing to see the reception of the song. I was just happy to be a part of the album. You don't expect that your song is going to take off. Gunna is a hitmaker and an amazing artist so anything is possible when he drops music. It's been pretty cool to see all the videos of people vibing to it.

Owen: The videos are absolute gold. Gunna is one of the best hitmakers in music right now. Let’s get into it a little more, what non-musical skills helped you land this placement, or other placements in the past?

Dunk: I think the universe rewards consistency and risk. When you put those two things into motion for yourself anything is possible. 

Owen: Nice and simple, I love it. Hit us with some music production-related sauce for the community.

Dunk: My best advice is not to overthink. I really believe what Pharrell talks about, that creativity is not coming from us, it's the work of the universe. We just need to be present and give the ideas the opportunity to work through us.

Owen: That’s a unique perspective, but if Pharrell said it, it has to be facts. How large of a role has BeatStars played in getting to where you are today in your career, and what has your experience been like using the platform?

Dunk: BeatStars is a great platform, I've only been utilizing it for a little while now but I've really enjoyed being part of the community. Connecting with other producers I wouldn't have found otherwise has definitely been the best part.

Owen: No better feeling then finding some new collaborators to cook up with, it’s a beautiful thing. To end it off, what is your advice to up-and-coming producers who hope to make a living off their music and/or get notable placements someday?

Dunk: I encourage producers to try and focus on enjoying the process rather than trying to win. It's easier said than done, but I believe the need to see results actually sets you back. Lock in on what you love and things will begin to unfold for you.

Keep running up the streams on "fukumean"  & follow Dunk Rock on Instagram & BeatStars!

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Written by Owen Postma
Social Media Associate @ BeatStars, music enthusiast, and producer living in Michigan
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