Zaytoven Says He Doesn’t Spend More Than 10 Minutes On Any Beat He Makes


Zaytoven recently sat down with Sway, Heather B & Tracy G on Sway In The Morning.

The interview runs about 45-minutes in length and touches on a few key pieces of Zaytoven’s career.

One that sticks out is how JT the Bigga Figga discovered him at a high-school football game. Zaytoven would play the keyboard in the stands, while his friend would provide the drums. JT The Bigga Figga heard him and brought him to the studio…The rest is history.

Zaytoven also covers the history of how he met Gucci Mane, recording “Icy” with Gucci Mane + Young Jeezy, and how he doesn’t spend more than 10-minutes on any beat he makes (19:51).