Wondagurl Says It Took Her 5 Minutes To Make The “No Favors” Beat For Big Sean & Eminem


20-year-old producer Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde aka Wondagurl has been busy working, creating a name for herself and collaborating with some of the industries top artists.

Genius had the chance to sit down with the Canadian producer to deconstruct Big Sean & Eminem‘s “No Favors,” a beat she created while sitting in a Travis Scott studio session.

Wondagurl had this to say about the beat:

“It took me like five minutes to make it to be honest. Usually when people are having a session and they’re doing their thing and I’m not really involved I just put my headphones on and work on my own beats. It cancels out the noise, so it is okay to do that.”

Wondagurl goes on to show how she constructed “No Favors,” and admits she wasn’t really feeling it at first because it was a bit, “too simple.”

You can watch the full video below to see the full breakdown.