will.i.am Was The Mastermind Behind Beats by Dre


Who would have thought will.i.am was the mastermind of Beats By Dre?

Billboard recently reported that will.i.am owns a founding stake in the company.

Billboard says, “First thing will.i.am says over the phone from London is to “Google Jimmy Iovine, the Tanning Effect, Steve Stoute and YouTube and go to about the 1:30 mark.” Sure enough, there’s the Beats CEO, now an Apple exec, speaking with the branding expert and giving full credit to the Black Eyed Pea mastermind for sparking the idea that became Beats by Dre.

Unbeknownst to many, will.i.am (née William Adams) owns a founding stake in Beats Electronics. Though his exact share is not public information and he declines to disclose his take, he is guaranteed a big payday. Even if the musician, producer, futurist and deep thinker only had a 1% share ?- a minimal estimate — he’d be in for a $30 million dollar pay out, all for an idea that hit him while on tour with the Peas in Europe in 2004. There he saw fans holding up hardware (cameraphones), not lighters like they still did in the U.S.”

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