What To Do If Your Hard Drive Fails


Our good friend Mr. Mig is back again with a few tips for musicians.

Mr. Mig Says, “As musicians we tend to stay focused on our art. We don’t find the same pleasure in waiting for hard drives to transfer data between themselves. What a drag..

Well wake up…because things are going to get real up in here. It’s time to pay attention to one of the most important services that you can do for yourself and your craft.

The last thing you need is for your countless hours of creativity to be flushed down the drain of 1?s and 0?s!

Don’t Panic!

The thought of a hard drive crash is enough to send me into panic attacks. I am in the recording industry so I go through digital storage like water. I have 13 external hard drives currently as backups but there were a couple of times where I wasn’t on top of things and I ended up losing a ton of data that I couldn’t get back on my own. Thank Goodness for the internet..I’ll share with you what I did in a minute, but first pay attention.”

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