Warren G Recalls Dr. Dre Teaching Him How To Produce


HipHopDX recently reported on Warren G’s appearance on SKEE Tv. Warren talks about his relationship with his older brother, Dr. Dre and how he introduced him to producing.

HipHopDX says, “Celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut album Regulate… G Funk Era, Warren G visited the SKEE Live show and spoke with its host DJ Skee about his start in music. While on the show, Warren G explained his childhood relationship with Snoop Dogg as well as learning how to use an MPC from older brother Dr. Dre.

“I never thought it would get this big man,” Warren G said of his own debut and solo career. “I was just in love with music. Just doing it and just wanted the local people to hear it. Somehow or someway it just caught on and blew up for real.”

Asked about how he learned how to produce records in the first place, Warren G shared learning the trade from Dr. Dre.”

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