URGENT ACTION: Connect To The New Paypal Integration


We know how important it is for you to have the best and most dependable technology to support your online music business. We are also aware of the many purchase issues some of you continue to experience with regards to our current PayPal integration.

We have great news, BeatStars has partnered with PayPal in order for us to introduce a NEW PayPal integration that will greatly reduce the amount of PayPal related bugs and purchase errors. PayPal has also introduced better fraud security with this new integration that will also help reduce the number of chargebacks and refunds you will receive.

Due to this new integration BeatStars will be shutting down the old PayPal integration on Monday, April 16, 2018, and will launch the new integration on the same day.

IMPORTANT: Below is what YOU need to do to make sure your Pro Pages and Blaze Players are not affected by these PayPal changes on April 16th.

Step 1. You must connect to PayPal below and authorize the BeatStars PayPal integration to receive new API Credentials in order for your Pro Pages and Blaze Players to receive payments


Why this new PayPal integration is great for you?

• Pro Page 2.0 users will be allowed to use the new membership system that allows Pro Page 2.0 users to sell monthly track memberships, sound kit memberships, free sample download memberships and more! MEMBERSHIPS launch on April 16, 2018

• You will receive fewer fraud charges because of this new PayPal integration

• Your customers will also receive fewer errors when purchasing music which will result in potentially more sales for you!

• Operates better on Mobile devices for standard and collab transactions

• PayPal will continuously upgrade this new integration with more payment options like Credit Card, Venmo and more in the near future.

Connect to Paypal now so your Pro Page and Blaze Players doesn’t stop receiving payments!