New Feature: Upload Beats On BeatStars With Dropbox


BeatStars introduces new integration with popular cloud storage provider Dropbox. This integration essentially provides BeatStars creators the ability to transfer images, mp3’s, wav’s, zip files or any other accepted file format in bulk or single files during an upload. This new process also gives creators the freedom to publish releases without ever uploading a file from their computer or mobile device.

During the upload process you can select Dropbox

After clicking the Dropbox option, you will be prompted to connect your Dropbox account with BeatStars and BeatStars does the rest


Once you have connected your Dropbox account BeatStars will display all of your folders and files within your Dropbox account. All you have to do next is select the appropriate files and the normal uploading process begins. You can begin by selecting one file or up to 10 at a time. We hope you guys enjoy the new integration. If you have any questions or need any help please email Thanks!