Top 10 SongStar3 Contestants!


We have come to a decision on the Top 10 #SongStar3 Entries that will now move on to be reviewed by Havoc Of Mobb Deep? himself. Great job everyone and a huge congrats to the Top 10!

There were a total of 48 entries. Here are the payouts.

1st Place: $700 + feature on
2nd Place: $200 + plus $300 SMS Headphones
3rd Place: $100 + plus $100 SMS Earphones

Top 10 List:
Clay Richard:
Moxii Hub:
Liam Otis Mensah:
Jay Downz:
Ethe Madassassin:
Shlomi TalentDisplay:
Adam Elbendary:
Josh P:
Akthentik Works:
Jajuan Shipman: