Timbaland Talks How Drugs Affected His Music + How He Overcame His Addiction


“You Gonna Have To Strip Down To Build Back Up”Timbaland

Superstar producer Timbaland sat down with Noah Callahan-Bever for an exclusive Blueprint interview, hosted by Complex.

In this tell-all interview, Timbo talks about the energy he and Justin Timberlake have together, and that he does NOT know when a song is going to be a hit. Timbo also spoke about his relationship with Jay-Z and most importantly, how he overcame a serious drug addiction.

Watch the full interview below.

Complex’ Youtube Description

A master of rhythm and melody, Timbaland always knew he had a gift when it came to music. He’d put it to good use in producing a number of groundbreaking works for the likes of Missy Elliott, Ginuwine, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake. But with fame came delusion and addiction, which trumped his extreme talent. Now, sober and revitalized, Timb has fallen in love with the art form again and set his sights on a new goal: create a classic that will mark the next chapter in his career, just as Quincy Jones did with Thriller.