The Bay Area Essentials: The 90’s Part One

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Another group from Oakland, the coup was a rap group with a political focus that was composed of rappers Boots Riley and E-roc with DJ Pam the Funkstress. Their debut album, Kill My Landlord was dropped in 1993 with Genocide and Juice being the follow up released in 1994 on “Genocide and Juice Boots” would handle all production exclusively. This would be the last coup album E-Roc would appear on as a member although he would show up as a feature on the later album “Steal This Album”. The name of the album is a play on Snoops “gin and juice”.

Recommended Tracks

Fat Cats and Bigga Fish

Great example of Boots’ storytelling abilities with an ending that straight up makes you uncomfortable.


Hilarious track, Boots and Roc rap from the perspective of some WASPy types.

Santa Rita Weekend feat. Spice 1 and e-40

Real cold track featuring fellow east bay rappers 40 Water and Spice 1.

Another rap group outta the Sucka Free, I.M.P (ill mannered posse) consisted of DJ’s Rob V and Stingy, with rappers Cougnut (RIP), C-Fresh, and Lou-E-Lou. They first put out music in 1989 with their debut album “Back in the Days” dropping in 1993. Ill Mannered Playas was their sophomore tape that was released in 1996 and considered a bay area classic. The rapping on the album is handled by Cougnut and C-Fresh. While C-fresh more than held his own on the album Cougnut really is the star. His gripping voice, deep lyrics, and outstanding storytelling abilities are in full effect for this album.

Recommended Tracks

The Last Breath

Cougnuts amazing storytelling ability is on full display about a lost friend and the cycle of violence, song is harrowing.

Shinin Star

Real smooth G-funk. This that track you slap mobbing on a sunny day.

No Witnesses

Nut goes hard as fuck on this track and drops major game. “For a 187 they need a witness and a murder weapon”

Straight Sawyer Street dwella, fly young fella.. Mr M-A-C Mall dropped this beast produced by Khayree after Mac Dre gave the call to the Crest from the feds to let Mac Mall run with the ball and put The Crest on. This hit the streets of The Bay hard and even got the attention of Tupac Shakur, who knew the Crest niggas thru Ray Luv, and Pac directed and appeared in the video to “Ghetto Theme”. The beats straight slap, this is Khayree at his best, and Mall spits that izm all over this. What’s crazy is that Mall was around 16 years old when he recorded this West Coast Classic.

“My Opinion”

“Sic Wit Tis”

“It’s All Good”

“Pimp Shit ft Ray Luv, Mac Dre”


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