The 3 Wealthiest Hip Hop Artists And Their Empires


Bidness ETC recently broke down the top 3 wealthiest hip hop artists and their empires. As you already probably know, this list includes; Diddy, Dr. Dre & Jay Z.

Check out the intro below from Bidness Etc, and make sure to check the full list on their site.

“Apple Inc (AAPL), the consumer technology giant, is making its most expensive acquisition to date bypurchasing Beats Electronics. Beats, which is best-known for its high quality headphones and speakers, was co-founded by hip hop artist and producer Dr. Dre, and chairman of IGA Records Jimmy Iovine in 2008. The news of their company’s sale has, therefore, had an impact beyond just the tech world – in the music industry, the deal has confirmed Dr. Dre’s status as the world’s wealthiest rapper, with an estimated net worth of $780 million.

So what exactly does it take for someone who grew up on the streets to become the most influential hip hop artist? Bidness Etc takes a look at the numbers.”

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