Techno Fan Dies Of Embarrassment After Mistakenly Attending EDM Event


We all need a good chuckle from time to time, right? Well, Wunderground Music has an interesting story to tell, check it out.

“A young techno fan lost his battle with what has been described as virulent strain of embarrassment after mistakenly attending an EDM gig believing it to be a credible dance music event.

Reports claim that the victim, 28 year old Alex Harold, a life long techno fan who lists Dave Clarke, Kevin Saunderson and Karenn as some of his heroes, was invited to the EDM event by some much younger friends and went along without knowing any of the DJs playing under repeated insistences from his friends that it was dance music.

Immediately upon arrival Alex began displaying symptoms of acute embarrassment brought on by the “deplorable state of the music and people”. The symptoms have been described by witnesses as ranging from “being slightly red faced, having cheeks like a Bloody Beetroot, trying unsuccessfully to hide his head under his coat and holding his hand over his mouth in disbelieving embarrassed shock like he’d just witnessed a quiet teenage boy getting pantsed by laughing girls to reveal a tiny boner”.

“He just looked mortified when he saw the guys in their neon coloured clothes and the 16 year old girls screaming about how great Calvin Harris was and how Steve Aoki was the world’s most technically proficient DJ,” claimed Alex’s friend Paul who attended the event but insists he managed to survive because he’s not too precious about the music and only goes for the “young pussy” like an estimated 65% of the males in attendance.

Alex tried to enjoy the music and get into the spirit of it but his best intentions only lasted to the second drop after which point he couldn’t hide how embarrassed he was to be listening to music which he described on his death bed as “utterly irredeemable, horrible nonsense designed for fat eared children”.

Paramedics were alerted to Alex’s condition after he collapsed during a set in which one of the headphone-less performers pulled off the cross facer knobs from his unplugged in mixer and threw them into the crowd before jumping in himself in a haze of champagne mist all while the mix continued on without him.”

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