Sonny Digital Wants To Start A Union For Producers + Announced As A Speaker At The BeatStars Summit


Sonny Digital hit the nail on the head yesterday (June 26th), when he took to Instagram & Twitter to vent about the support producers currently receive.

His description on his Instagram post said it all:

“These are FACTS. Big old facts. I’m going to start a union for writers…engineers..etc… #RollinRecords”

He went on to ask WHY producers don’t get nominated for anything via his Instagram & Twitter video:

“Legit question: Why don’t producers get nominated for shit and we do all the fucking basework and shit, though? Don’t get no awards, Don’t get no recognition. All the artists just sweet up our everything. All I’m saying, y’all need to start respecting the producers a little more, big or small, in between It don’t matter. They all making all the sounds to this shit.”

Producer/Artist/DJ Flying Lotus couldn’t agree more with Sonny’s comments and video.

On top of wanting to start a producers union, Sonny Digital will be speaking at the BeatStars Summit, which is going down at the 2017 A3C Festival in Atlanta, Georgia in early October.

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