Sip And Spin: EDM Wine Pairings


Love wine and EDM music? Well, this list is DEFINITELY for you! I guess this is the true definition of “Wine Club”.

Vegas Seven recently broke down what wines go with what EDM music, check it out.

Vegas Seven says, “Take that damn pacifier out of your mouth and enjoy electronic-dance music like a grown-up: by savoring a varietal that makes beautiful music with your favorite genre.”

The Style: House

The Wine: Chateau Felice Chardonnay, Healdsburg, California.

The Song: “Clarity,” by Zedd.

House music is a truly American creation and, coincidentally, our homeland is also responsible for buttery, oaked Chardonnay. Listen, just because the masses can’t get enough of something doesn’t necessarily make it bad, but enjoy these guilty pleasures together when your wine and music snob friends aren’t around.

The Style:

The Wine: Petite Petit, Michael David Winery, Lodi, California.

The Song: “Spastik,” by Plastikman.

Techno innovators birthed the minimal sound from the world’s gritty urban cores, so this EDM genre demands a beverage that’s stripped down to the essentials. A petite syrah hand-laced with black and blue fruits make it a perfect fit for the dark techno sound. Don’t be scared. Well, be a little scared.

The Style:

The Wine: Dr. Loosen Wehlener Sonnenuhr Spätlese, Mosel, Germany.

The Song: “This Is What It Feels Like,” by Armin van Buuren.

Peace, love, unity and riesling. Fall under the spell of floral acidity and hold tight to that stem as you brace yourself for a drop so epic you’ll become a cyborg killing machine just to travel back in time and assassinate the dance floor.


Check out the full list – Via Vegas Seven