Sell More Beats: #1 Tip To Increase Beat Sales (By Mr. Mig)


Mr. Mig dropped off a cool list on how to increase your beat sales.

Mr. Mig says, Whether you are selling beats online or through a network of recording artists that you work with this article is for you. If you are struggling to make money in the world of ‘Beat Selling’ or any industry this tip will make all the difference.

At we sell beats of all kinds, Pop, Rap, Dance, R&B, etc. etc. and we have return customers big and small from within the music industry as well as from up and coming artists from all over the world who trust the products we sell and this is why….Please Read on…

We Don’t actually sell “Beats”….

You must be scratching your head and saying..”Huh??”

What I mean is the beats themselves is not what generally gets someone to buy from us. Of course our quality is top notch and that doesn’t hurt but It is the story behind the beats that gets people to spend their money. Your story, your brand is what is most important to someone who is about to spend money with you…The brand in this case is “YOU” not your beats. if you can grasp that concept then you can start to focus on not what you HAVE to sell but more on why people should want what you have to sell!

Keep this very important fact in mind. There are literally hundreds of thousands of “Beatmakers” pushing their tracks for sale out there. Unless your product or brand says something different then you will just be another face in the crowd.

The reality is that there are a ton of super talented “Beat makers” out there and anyone who has a computer and some inexpensive software can throw together some sounds and call it a beat. Anyone can sign up for a domain name atGoDaddy.Com and make a simple website and add a store from companies likeBeatStars.

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