Sell Beats On Spotify With BeatStars!


BeatStars Updates Spotify App
First Company to Sell Music Downloads in Spotify’s Eco­System
Bridging the Gap Between Vocalists and Producers

(San Francisco) For the first time in its game­ changing existence, Spotify is now allowing a third­ party to sell premium digital downloads from its streaming safe haven — and that third­ party is BeatStars. A cloud­ based production music marketplace, BeatStars allows songwriters, music producers and recording artists to link up and create songs through its intuitive and star-studded platform.

BeatStars’ Spotify app gives users the opportunity to purchase exclusive production music, legally license each piece, and keep 100% of commercial album or single sales. Leveraging the new wave of music consumption, Spotify approved BeatStars’ “buy” button because the innovative app is not a traditional download store like iTunes or Amazon, and is instead a place for artists to create.

With industry heavyweight producers making hundreds of thousands of dollars on the BeatStars platform, the site is poised to change the way music is created in the digital era. Be it !llmind or Havoc of Mobb Deep or someone just getting their start, BeatStars offers producers a streamlined approach to profiting from their labor of love. Custom top ­level URLs and a user ­friendly interface — from page design and track upload to getting beats out and money in the bank — has empowered users on BeatStars to control every aspect of both the music and the business. Now that it’s further integrated into Spotify — one of the largest streamers of music on the planet — there’s no telling how far BeatStars can go.

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