Scott Storch Says He Has A Song Coming Out With “One Of The Biggest Rappers In NYC”


Billboard recently sat down with Scott Storch to discuss his relationship with Dr. Dre, where his music is headed and projects he has in the works.

Scott started off the interview pointing out that the last time he spoke to Billboard in 2014, he was not sober, but at this time in his life, he has been sober for 2 years.

Scott had this to say about sober thinking verse being on drugs:

All the time, as drug addicts, we proclaim that we’re going to do this and do that or whatever. It’s not as solid as when you’re sober. You’re on, you’re making your music, taking it seriously, living up to all the things that you say you’re going to do and you set out to do.

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Scott also clarified that he switched direction and is no longer working on an EDM EP, but he is working on his sound.

Sonics are important to me, expanding my sound library, working with effects and doing different things to make the same music that I would physically play on the keyboard. It just sounds that much richer and better because of the processing that everything goes through now.

When asked about his current relationship with Dr. Dre, Scott mentioned that he and Dre had talked and worked a little bit, and it was nothing but “Great Vibes.”

When asked about the picture that surfaced online with him and Lil Wayne, Scott was quick to point out that he and Wayne had recorded some records. What wasn’t expected, was Scott dropping a hint that he has a big record coming out with Jay Z, or maybe even Nas.

[Wayne and I] might have some stuff coming out. There’s some really big [songs] that I can’t talk about. I’m talking about [a song with] one of the biggest rappers in New York. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, but I got some stuff coming.

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Who do YOU think Scott Storch is referencing as “One of the biggest rappers in New York?”

You can read the FULL INTERVIEW over at Billboard.