Producer Tips Courtesy Of BeatStars & Twist Royal


Producer Checklist Courtesy of BeatStars & Twist Royal


  1. You have to have a business mindset & treat this as a real business, and develop proper business platforms.
  2. Get your branding right, a proper logo and good graphic design work can play a huge role in how serious an artist will take you as a producer.
  3. Know your audience. Study analytics.
  4. 3 beats a week / 12 every month MINIMUM!
  5. Plan all your beat releases on a calendar one month ahead of release times & stay consistent.
  6. When posting a beat on BeatStars, also post on your Blog, YouTube, Soundcloud, Audiomack, IG, IG Story & IGTV, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Discord Groups, etc…
  7. Monetize your SoundCloud & Audiomack via your BeatStars account.
  8. A monthly discount code to the email list on the first of every month (use scarcity in email; limited coupon codes available)
  9. Bi-Weekly email to list with the last six beats you posted.
  10. After people buy always send a “Thank You” email with an option for discounted Upsell (increases average order value).
  11. Keep notes when artists commit to buying beats from you & follow up on every sale opportunity.
  12. 2 Hours EVERY DAY on social media looking for new artists to work with, studying new social trends, interacting, commenting, etc…
  13. Advertise with Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads.
  14. Utilize services like TubeBuddy to do your keyword research
  15. Utilize the free download for social follow/email in your BeatStars account.
  16. Use Facebook Pixel & Google Analytics ID for more in-depth targeting
  17. Collaborate with other members and utilize the automatic split payment feature.

Via BeatStars & Twist Royal