Pro Page 2: Selling Beats Online with BeatStars’ All-in-One Artist Website & Beat Store

BeatStars Pro Page 2

Introducing BeatStars’ latest innovation: Pro Pages 2.

Celebrating the third year of Pro Pages, BeatStars’ most popular product, Pro Page 2 rolls out with fresh updates and added features to help music producers sell beats online the right way.

“This is the future of selling beats online.”

– Abe Batshon, CEO of BeatStars

Fully-Customizable Websites for Music Producers

Pro Page 2 allows producers to create their own unique artist website powered by BeatStars. Pro Page 2 is also mobile-friendly, ensuring your artist website is modern, easy-to-use and accessible by both mobile and desktop users.

You can customize the look and feel of your artist website with Pro Page 2. From colors, fonts, layouts, backgrounds, and more, you can let your personality and style shine through your professional artist website in minutes.

The biggest part of Pro Page 2, however, are all the new and improved features available to you right now.

Mantra's BeatStars Pro Page 2 Artist Website

Mantra’s Artist Website, A Pro Page 2 Main Page

A More Powerful Search Engine

The new, more powerful search engine has already doubled and tripled sales on BeatStars’ marketplace, according to Batshon in a recent live broadcast; it’s expected to do the same for artists who use Pro Page 2.

You have the option of including a search engine displayed prominently on your Pro Page; with it, users can search your page for specific beats by entering a certain keyword. This is why, now more than ever, it is important to optimize your tracks’ keyword tags!

Prominent Featured Track with Visualizer

A beautifully-designed, dual-color visualizer shows the progress of your featured track and reacts to the music that’s playing.

The rest of the tracks are featured below the featured track visualizer on your main page.

When a user finds a beat of yours that they like, it’s easier than ever for them to add the beat to their cart. From there, users will be able to see all available licensing options and prices that you’ve set up. As always, users can pay through PayPal or by credit card.

Improved Track Pages

When you select an individual track, you are brought to the track’s page. Track pages also have an appealing visualizer, in addition to the usual comment and licenses sections.

The best part of track pages is the new Suggestive Tag feature. Suggestive Tags are dynamic tags that allow users to upvote which tags they think are best for your beat, while also allowing users to suggest tags of their own for your approval.

No need to ever ask your listeners: “who do you hear on this?”

Mantra's BeatStars Pro Page 2 Track Page

“Golden” by Mantra, A Pro Page 2 Track Page

Additional Pro Page 2 Features

Pro Page 2 has some crazy additional features, such as the added option of selling drum and sound kits on your artist website!

Some additional design tweaks include being able to choose one license that pops out in a different color so you can promote a specific license/pricing option for users interested in your beats.

Another great addition to Pro Pages is the footer player, where users can not only instantly stream your beats, but they can also expand the player to view queued up tracks, a lyric pad, our looper (to loop parts of the track), and the ability to share and embed your track.

Classic features, such as the mailing list, YouTube section and other features are still available with Pro Page 2, as well.

To get started with Pro Page 2, login to your account. During Beta, only Unlimited users are able to access/update to Pro Page 2. If you’re not yet Unlimited, sign up or upgrade today.

Stay tuned for updates to Pro Page 2, including additional apps, features, and premade themes and designs for your custom artist page!