Producer Yung Ares Is Making Waves From Humble Beginnings

Allison Belcher
Creator Highlights . Jul 15, 2021 . min. read

It all started with a YouTube video and a spark of inspiration when German Producer Yung Ares discovered he could make and sell beats with only a laptop. Since his start in 2017, Yung Ares has made huge waves in the world of music production, sitting with over a million views on YouTube and flexing 200,000 streams on BeatStars.


How did you become interested in the music industry?

Music has been with me all my life, but everything changed when I saw a YouTube video on "internet money" and making beats. I was instantly fascinated with how you can make music with only a laptop, so that same day I got myself a copy of FL Studio and started figuring out how to make beats. I fell in love with it, started learning about the industry, and started uploading my beats to YouTube a few months later. I've continued to do that regularly for 3 years now.

Do you have any creative inspirations? We'd love to know who and why.

Creative inspiration for me always comes from other online producers or talented artists. It's hard to name one because the internet is full of inspiring, young, and talented producers and artists. In general, I love it when producers think outside the box and try new things that don't exist in the mainstream.

How important is entrepreneurship to your vision of your career? Do you like having full control over your business? Is that ever difficult?

As far as the business aspect goes, I think it's extremely important to establish a brand around your name. Keep in mind that nowadays the business part of being an online producer can feel heavy at times. Sometimes it gets difficult to make everything all by yourself. You have to create your output, schedule it, research trending keywords, work out quality graphics to present your work, and then of course market your music. There's a lot you have to do to ensure you're building a brand around your name, which can get difficult when you're starting your career. You inevitably grow into it, and I personally fell in love with the challenge of managing all aspects of my music business by myself.


What is the most rewarding aspect of being a producer?

For me, making music is self-actualization. It's the best feeling to see feedback from the community, seeing people enjoy your music, and actually use your music to create songs.

How has your life changed since gaining success as a producer?

Everything has changed. I receive amazing feedback from the community and DMs from other producers and artists that I inspire. I'm super grateful and happy about how everything is going. I'm planning to make music my full-time job in the near future. I can now invest my money in equipment and plugins I've always wanted, received chances to work with talented artists, and I see my chance to establish a brand that will hopefully last for a long time.


Is there any moment in your career thus far that you felt like you “made it”? What part of your music career are you most proud of?

Mario Novembre, a huge German influencer and artist, saw my work on YouTube and contacted me to produce his single '10 von 10'. It ended up becoming the theme song of a German TV streaming series, which was very surreal for me. That really inspired me to grind even harder.

What equipment do you consider essential to your set up?

Honestly...just my MacBook and a pair of studio headphones. Those are my essentials and everything else is optional.

How has BeatStars played a role in your production and beat-selling business?

BeatStars is the tool I suggest to every up-and-coming producer! It gave my career a huge push. Before I joined BeatStars, I wasn't making any money with my music. After I joined, I was generating money off my hobby, which is one of the best feelings ever. It's easy to use, the Marketplace is great and millions of people use it to search for beats. It's a great opportunity to get revenue for your work.


What advice do you have for up-and-coming producers?

Never give up. In order to gain exposure, you'll have to have regular output. Work constantly on your sound, make yourself an upload schedule, and make a point to never stop regular uploads. Don't be sad if your beats or YouTube videos end up only having 10 views, and don't stop when they reach their first 5k views. Work for the long-term success, not the short term. Everything else is going to come along by itself as you grind for your dreams.

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Written by Allison Belcher
Communications Specialist @ BeatStars
Allison Belcher is a Communications Specialist and music enthusiast living in rainy Portland, Oregon.


Follow Yung Ares on BeatStars to see what his music is all about.


Follow Yung Ares on BeatStars to see what his music is all about.
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