Hear from Our Top Campus Rep of Fall 2021, Jessica Hunter

Karly Roux
Creator Highlights . Feb 02, 2022 . min. read

Dive into our interview with Top Campus Marketing Rep Jessica Hunter as she touches on how her interest in production started, and where she wants to go from here.

Recognizing the increasing lack of opportunity for aspiring music industry professionals to get flexible hands-on experience, BeatStars’ Campus Marketing Program provides up-and-coming musicians in college with relevant skills, networking and career-building workshops, and marketing expertise. After spreading the word about BeatStars to their campuses, researching music industry trends, and brainstorming new marketing strategies, ten weeks later our seventeen campus representatives (CMRs) were awarded their certificates of completion. 

Highlighted below is CMR Jessica Hunter of American University who was named our Fall semester’s BeatStars Top Campus Rep winner after demonstrating expertise in music production, providing key help and advice for other rising producers, and recruiting dozens of music creators to join BeatStars.

Dive into our interview with Jessica as she touches on how her interest in production started, and where she wants to go from here.

How It All Started

"The online producer community is what made me more interested in the music industry," Says Jessica. "Before I even knew about this community, I played the piano and was just a casual music listener. Eventually I wanted to do more than play other people’s music on the piano…I wanted to make my own music. With that realization, I dug into YouTube and got exposed to so much information. I started making beats and posting them online. This is ultimately how I found BeatStars and this CMR opportunity."

The Dream

“I want to be indulged in the music industry in every shape and form, whether it’s creatively with producing and engineering, and/or on the business side with marketing or A&R. I love music and how it makes us feel. I would love to collaborate with artists I have a connection with and have “our” sound that will inspire people all over the world. To be able to make a living off of music is my dream.”

Advice From The Top

“I would say to treat yourself as a business, because you are one. Honestly, I'm still working on that myself. I think learning the business side of things will put you at a greater advantage over a producer who isn't as knowledgable. Instead of just knowing how to produce music, you should know a little bit of everything like marketing, networking, media law, etc. This will ultimately help separate yourself from the majority.”

Jessica's Campus Experience

“The Audio Major at my school is very close knit. You'll see the same faces in classes, and start forming relationships with your peers easily. The staff at my school is great and they are all about learning but also having fun. We have a chapter of the Audio Engineering Society, too. They have “Producer Nights” which is where producers can share their music and get feedback. There's also the 'Women in Audio' club which is a space for the very few women in or interested in the program to learn and create together.”

Important Note

Your TikTok Submission must be viewable by 'Everyone' in order to be viewed and considered.
Written by Karly Roux
Influencer & Partnerships Assistant @ BeatStars
Karly Roux is a New York-based music industry professional currently working in Partnerships on the Marketing team at BeatStars

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