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Kyle Brown
Marketing and Business Tips . Jul 14, 2022 . min. read

Beat ID revolutionizes how you protect your intellectual property and is an easy path to Copyright management, monetization, and collaboration.

On December 3, 2021, it was reported that about 870 billion audio tracks have been streamed in 2021 (so far). In their 2021 study, The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) found that 30% of surveyed people still use illegally downloaded music. Think about it this way - according to that statistic, that could mean that at least 30% of your beat catalog will be unlawfully used throughout the internet.  

As a creator, what are you going to do about it? And how are you going to protect your intellectual property, namely your Copyrights?

The answer to those questions is a tool called Beat ID. Beat ID revolutionizes how you protect your intellectual property and is an easy path to Copyright management, monetization, and collaboration. Before we dive into the power of Beat ID, we first have to explain what a copyright is and why it is so powerful.

What is a Copyright?

Every beat that you create has an automatic “Copyright" attached to it, and there aren’t many things in the world more powerful than this. A Copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to copy and distribute creative work. Copyright is intended to protect the original expression of an idea once it is in a fixed form. This copyright means that you’re the only one that can do these things:

These rights are yours exclusively, and if other people do any of the things above without your permission, they are infringing on your Copyright and you deserve to be compensated for the use of your work. 

What is Copyright Management?

Let’s say you create a fire beat, hook, track, or loop and it becomes the key piece of the biggest hit of 2022. Everyone is sampling your work and reposting videos, but you haven’t received any money yet. Or, let’s say you work hard and create several different works and you want to be able to track them across some of the most visited music platforms on the internet. Beat ID will help you accomplish both goals with the click of a few buttons.

With Beat ID, all you have to do is scan your work and let the technology do the rest. You’ll be able to determine how, when, and where your work is being used, then you can begin to monetize and possibly collaborate with the individuals using your copyright in their work.

How To Use Beat ID To Discover Who Is Using Your Copyrighted Work

When dealing with copyright infringement, it's typically very expensive to file a lawsuit, and even more time-consuming to get paid. Copyright law also requires copyright owners to have filed their copyright before they can even file a suit in court. Because of this small loophole, there used to be a time when many musicians could be kept out of court and prevented from collecting all of the revenues generated by their copyrights until they went through an expensive and long legal battle.

Beat ID has completely changed that! If you discover that someone has used your beat, now you can use that information to start your collection journey all within the BeatStars Platform. Here's how:

  1. First, you can use your discovered information with Beat ID to register and distribute your beat through BeatStars Distribution. Once you distribute the beat, you can enable YouTube Content ID. Every time this beat generates money on YouTube, you will be able to collect and keep 100% of the ad revenue. Just make sure that the beats you distribute are only being sold as non-exclusive licenses.
  2. Second, you can use the information that you discover from Beat ID to search and see if the song has been released to DSPs. If it has, you can now sign up with BeatStars Publishing, then register and collect your share of the music publishing generated by the song.
  3. Third, you can reach out to the Artist, Producer, or Label that is using your beat and require that they purchase a non-exclusive or exclusive license to use your Copyright from the BeatStars Marketplace. All you have to do is sign-up and upload all of your catalogue today.

As a Producer, you may generate money from selling licenses, streaming, downloads, music publishing, or merchandise, but that's still not enough. Beat ID will allow you to add another layer to all of the money made, and one day this could be one of your most lucrative revenue streams.

Collaboration with Beat ID

Outside of the monetization of your Copyrights, there is another huge component to the value of using Beat ID - collaboration. It’s said that your net worth is determined by your network and that relationships are worth more than gold. With Beat ID, you can use the technology and data to see who is tapped into your music and to find talent to collaborate with. When you scan your beat, you can check out the content that it brings back every Saturday of the week. If you like the content, then reach out to them! Now you can collaborate, build friendships, and even share networks. 

Join the revolution and sign up for Beat ID today.

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Written by Kyle Brown
Junior Legal Assistant @ BeatStars
Kyle Brown is an Attorney at Beatstars and a lover of everything music, law, and travel.


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