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BeatStars News . Mar 12, 2017 . min. read

Pro Page 2 users can now create their own monthly subscription business for their customers right on their Pro Page. You can currently choose membership package options for Beats, Sound Kits and Free Sample Downloads with more options coming soon. Producers will be able to accept recurring billing with PayPal or via Credit Card on Stripe on the Pro Page. You can currently create a maximum of 5 membership plans.

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Here some things you should know about Memberships before getting started

What is the Memberships feature for Pro Page 2?

Memberships allows you to package beats, sound kits and free demo downloads in exchange for a monthly membership fee from your customers.

How many beats or kits can I include in my monthly memberships?

You can choose any amount of beats or kits to include in your memberships. Make sure to only commit to an amount you are confident you can provide to your members monthly.

How much can I charge for memberships?

You can charge any amount you feel is fit for your content package. Make sure you make it appealing to your customers to subscribe by giving them a value proposition to pay you monthly instead of a la cart.

How do I get paid from my monthly membership subscribers?

Your customers (subscribers) will have the choice to subscribe to your membership plan via PayPal or Stripe and funds will automatically be sent to your merchant accounts.

Do I keep all of my membership revenue?

Yes, with your BeatStars unlimited plan you will keep 100% of all your membership revenue and get paid instantly to your merchant accounts

How long will I get paid from my membership subscribers?

You will receive monthly revenue from each subscriber unless they have chosen to cancel their subscription to your membership plan

Can I create a beat membership around a specific license?

Yes, you can create memberships around a specific beat license so only that license is included in the plan

What happens if I delete a membership?

When deleting a membership you will be prompted to cancel all active subscribers. You will no longer receive monthly revenue from your subscribers after canceling. Please make sure to be very careful creating a membership as you will not be able to edit its details after creating it.

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