Producer Kevin Hues Lives His Dream

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We connected with successful producer Kevin Hues to learn more about his creative inspirations, music entrepreneurship, and the role BeatStars has played in his production and beat business!


Since the very beginning Kevin Hues has always known that music is his passion.

Following his instincts, Hues pursued production as an outlet for his musical creativity, in 2012 popularizing the concept of uploading beats with hooks on YouTube. Crediting his self-discipline and consistency as key factors in his success, Hues has accomplished what most aspiring producers dream of and now makes his living via music creation, amassing over 2,300,000 streams on BeatStars.

“Music is the only profession I've ever wanted to pursue ever since I was a child,” says Kevin Hues, remarking how confident he was in his destined career path from an early age.

We connected with Kevin Hues to learn more about his creative inspirations, music entrepreneurship, and the role BeatStars has played in his production and beat business.

Producer Kevin Hues
Producer Kevin Hues

The Journey

Do you have any creative inspirations? If so, we’d love to know who and why.

Definitely Drake! He's always seemed be able to be true to himself and his story while consistently being on top.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a producer?

I love that I can spend time doing what I enjoy and I get to help aspiring artists see their visions come to life in the process.


How important is entrepreneurship to your vision of your career? Do you like having full control over your business/brand? Is that ever difficult?

It poses its challenges for sure, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. Having control over my time is essential for my process.


Is there any moment in your career thus far that you felt like you “made it”? What part of your music career are you most proud of?

The fact that I was able to get married and afford the lifestyle that my wife and I want to live is always something I'm always proud of. However, I don’t want to stop improving and I look forward to hitting new milestones in the future.

What equipment do you consider essential to your set up?

My Yamaha HS8s and a good microphone. I recently started streaming, so now a great webcam is becoming essential.

How has BeatStars played a role in your production and beat-selling business?

Beatstars has truly changed the game. I'm not sure if I can even put into words how crucial of a role Beatstars plays in my business.



What advice do you have for up-and-coming producers?

Stay consistent, and stay in the lane that you truly enjoy!  I've taken advice from people that I wish I hadn't, and I know I would be even further ahead if I had just done what felt was right to me in the moment.

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