5 Things You Should Know About Distributing Your Music

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BeatStars has made it quick and easy for any artist to start the distribution process in just a few short steps. Here are five things every artist should know about distributing their music.

Let’s set the scenario - you’ve just finished up your newest song or album, and you’re ready to share your music for the world to hear. This means you're ready to establish your distribution plan! Music distribution can be a complicated and overwhelming process for any artist who is just starting their career. You want to make sure your music is accessible to your fans, while also making sure you get the royalties you worked hard for. We get that!

BeatStars has made it quick and easy for any artist to start the distribution process in just a few short steps. Here are five things every artist should know before they start distributing their music with BeatStars!

1. Distribute Your Music Without Worrying About $$

There is a common misconception that distributing your music on all stores and streaming platforms is a costly process. However, this is far from the truth! You can start distributing your music right now with BeatStars Distribution for only $19.99 a year.

At BeatStars, we know creating great music can get expensive. Artists already have to deal with a multitude of expenses like beat licenses, mastering, and audio equipment. This is why we’ve made BeatStars Distribution accessible to artists, no matter how small your budget is. You never have to worry about any surprise expenses when you release your music. We charge one flat rate to let you distribute as many tracks as you want!

2.  Keep 100% of Your Earnings

You work hard on your music. That’s why you should never have to deal with greedy companies who want to take a portion of your earnings. BeatStars Distribution doesn’t take a dime from its creators. We collect the royalties for you, then deposit those funds into your account. It’s as simple as that! Once the funds are deposited, you can withdraw those funds at any time!

All creators can review their payments to see exactly who much they are making each month. No more having to guess how much you earned each month; we make it easy for all artists to know precisely where their money is coming from. Your music is your business, brand, and identity; it’s only right that you get to keep 100% of what you make!

3. Unlimited Track Uploads

We know artists are always creating. There should never be a restriction on how much music you can make. That’s why BeatStars publishing empowers its creators by letting artists distribute as many tracks as they want. Yes, we do mean as many as you want!

Never be held down by upload limits ever again. Your fans want to hear as much as you have to offer, so keep creating and giving them what they want to hear. Want to upload your whole catalog to all music streaming platforms? Go for it! The possibilities are truly limitless with BeatStars Distribution So get out there and start creating!

4. Upload Your Music to 40+ Streaming Platforms

As an artist, it’s crucial that you make your music accessible to everyone. Every music consumer listens to music differently, which is why it’s essential to offer your music on every platform to get the best results. BeatStars Distribution allows artists to choose from 42 platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, TIDAL, Instagram, Tik Tok and many more!

Want to upload your music on all platforms? You can select all stores with the click of a button and instantly distribute your music to everyone. Make sure none of your fans are left out and offer your music in more ways than ever before. Remember, the more ways people have to access your music, the more royalties you will make. Maximize your profit and offer your music on as many platforms as you want!

5. Collaborate with Other Artists and Split Royalties Easily

We know that collaboration is a big part of the creative process. It should be easy to work with fellow artists and divide royalties evenly. When using BeatStars Distribution, creators can work with as many collaborators as they want and have the ability to split royalties and publishing percentages with the click of a button.

Your collaborator doesn’t have a BeatStars account? Not a problem! You can add collaborators to your releases and automatically split the revenue with them, even if they don’t use BeatStars. Collaborators can be invited to your releases for FREE, so there are no additional fees if you want to work with another creator.

It should never be challenging to collaborate with others. BeatStars makes it easy for artists to get together and make timeless music without worrying about splitting the profits after the song generates revenue. So get together and start working on your next big collaborative project!

Get started with BeatStars Distribution in just a few minutes!

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