Official Empire Talks Winning FanTrax, Which Software & Hardware They Use + Much More!


The last week at BeatStars and BeatStars Studio has been crazy, but awesome!

We had the pleasure of teaming up with Still Movin and hosting Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright, Demrick, Reezy, Kato On The Track, DJ Hoppa, Audio Push & Emilio Rojas in Austin, Texas at the BeatStars Studio.

The guys worked on the #OneWeekNotice album all week, and during their stay, they chose one of the producer submissions via the FanTrax Contest.

Congrats To Official Empire – FanTrax Winner!

We had the pleasure to speak to King & Macavelli of Official Empire about WHO they are and WHAT the win means to them. Enjoy!

Trampe: How long have you guys been producing?

Official Empire: King about 8 years and Macavelli 4 years.

Trampe: What is in your arsenal right now, Hardware & Software?

Official Empire: 4-key m-audio midi, MacBook Pro, Fender Limited Edition American Strat, Mackie CR3, Logic X & FL Studio.

Trampe: What made you guys submit to the FanTrax contest?

Official Empire: We wanted to show the BeatStars nation, as well as the world, that we are ready to deliver hits on demand!

Trampe: What made you submit the beat you did?

Official Empire: We felt it would be a lot of the same genre, and we wanted to do something a little different. Deliver a wave that not only speaks to the listener but can compliment dope artists as well.

Trampe: What were you guys thinking & feeling when you found out you won?

Official Empire: Man! Pure satisfaction, excitement, and complete joy!

Trampe: What do you expect and look forward to with this project?

Official Empire: We expect this project to put a lot of people on notice, and to turn some heads. We feel most of the artists on the album are slept on and this album is definitely gonna let people know what time it is!

Trampe: Here is a hard one for ya [Laughs]. Who is your favorite member of the FanTrax & #OneWeekNotice campaign?

Official Empire: We are fans of all them but Jarren Benton is the favorite right now. Dudes bars are crazy!

Trampe: Any last words? And where can people find you online?

Official Empire: We want to again thank all the artists for connecting with our music. We believe that this is truly just the beginning and we really hope to continue to work with these artists and show we are not “one beat wonders”.

All we need is a platform to show this industry that we are a guaranteed force, and ready to work!

You can find us on BeatStars via BeatStars.Com/OfficialEmpire1, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.