NJ Cop Stops Just Blaze, Asks If His Lamborghini Is “Legit”


Hip-Hop producer Just Blaze was pulled over Thursday, the day after Philando Castile was shot to death during a traffic stop by a Minnesota police officer.

Justin Smith, which is Just Blaze’ real name, took to Periscope at 4:18PM once he was pulled over at a car wash. According to Smith, the officer asked him, “Is your car legit.”

“I think ultimately this will be fine, but given the environment we’re living in now, I obviously am not taking any chances, this could happen to anybody anywhere as we all know,” Smith says.

Smith says the officer had him drive 2 blocks over because he was missing a front license plate. Once the officer ran his information, he let him go with a warning. As you watch the video below, you can hear the officer say “Here you go partner, You’re all good, alright. Checked it out. Just do me a favor get that front plate, alright? Have a good day.”

Smith responds on his video stream, “Crisis avoided, no issues,” and before he shuts down his Periscope stream, he gives this advice, “However I do suggest any time you get pulled over keep your wallet right next to you, don’t keep it in your pocket, keep it next to you.”

Later that evening, Smith recorded a longer video on Periscope explaining what happened and questioning if he would have been stopped and asked if his car was “legit” if he was white.

Smith tweeted that he later received an apology, but only after someone who knew both he and the officer contacted the department.

Smith says he isn’t political and usually doesn’t make public statements, but felt the need to elaborate on his earlier Periscope stream. “I’m not someone who has a problem with all cops. I have very good friends who are like family members who are cops and I trust them with my life.”