Mr. Collipark Says His Favorite EDM Producer Is Diplo

Share: recently spoke to Mr. Collipark about his bass music background, future collaborations & favorite EDM producer.

“Mr. Collipark is a rap and bass music mogul and legend. There’s no real other way to look at it. He’s been there since midtempo bass music exploded in Atlanta over 15 years ago and he’s been a part of some of the biggest rap club records maybe ever. He personally fostered the development and curation of Soulja Boy, arguably the first rap artist to ever blow up via the Internet. He’s made anthems that will be played in clubs and sporting events possibly for the rest of forever. Personally, his sound was the main reason I stopped exclusively DJing underground hip-hop and electronic stuff and started incorporating big popular club records into my DJ sets. And now, after being behind the scenes for a handful of years, he’s re-emerged. Aligning himself with the today’s twerk-influenced EDM sound, Collipark appears focused, grateful, and still hungry.

DoAndroidsDance: “You’ve always maintained an incredible impulse of dance music and the club in your music to me. Is that something you’ve always intended to get across in your productions and why?

Mr. Collipark: I come from a bass music background. We called it bootyshake in Atlanta. The era of 2 Live Crew, DJ Magic Mike, Clay D etc. It’s in my DNA.”

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