Mike Dean Is Looking To Add Artists + Producers To His M.W.A. Label


Mike Dean is the man. Simple and plain. The O.G. has been in the game for 25+ years and has contributed to an incredible amount of projects over that time.

Think we’re joking?

Just last year he contributed to Beyonce’s Lemonade, Kanye West’s Life of Pablo, Frank Ocean’s Endless, Travis Scott’s Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, Ty Dolla Sign’s Campaign, and Kid Cudi’s Passion, Pain, and Demon Slayin’.

Dean sat down with Billboard to discuss his new label M.W.A., and what he’s looking for in new artists.

Two questions and responses that jumped out are below.

Billboard: What kind of skill-set are you looking for from artists seeking to join M.W.A.?

Mike Dean: Just good songwriters that know how to deliver it right. Something new. Something new in rap, or singing, or whatever.

Billboard: Are you trying to keep the emphasis on hip-hop, or are you willing to jump different genres?

Mike Dean: We’ll start with some hip-hop stuff. We’ll do some pop things, as I start getting some more producers.

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